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#7053: The dust goes everywhere

Replaced a computer in the control room at one of my offsites today, the place that makes silica--and of course the computer had half a pound of silica dust in it. Had to take the hard drive out before putting it on the "recycle" stack, so a few ounces of silica dust ended up on my desk.

My fingertips feel like sandpaper now, of course. *sigh*

On my way up the stairs I noticed that the steel beams that make up the skeleton of the building are coated with this hard, blobby mass, which is basically accreted silica dust.

* * *

It's meant to hold as many paying passengers as possible, which is why it looks like a Soviet-era Moscow apartment bloc stuck atop an oceangoing hull. UGLY AS SIN, in other words.

* * *

Once again, COVID-19 has a preference for asians.

And it goes after the central nervous system which is not good news at all.

But: we're told that 90% of the infected experience only mild symptoms.

* * *


So I'm hearing tell that certain supplies are experiencing steep price increases. Like, the cost of "emergency survival kits" have risen precipitously. Well, Ebay apparently has decided they want no part in COVID-19 profiteering:

...because you know there are going to be people who go out and buy up dozens of boxes of masks and then try to sell them on Ebay at a steep markup.

* * *

How about you just fuck off and run somewhere else? A "vegan" runner didn't like the smells of cooking meat that came from the houses he was running past.
That level of hubris is usually only seen by the protagonists of Greek or Shakeprian tragedies just before they have sex with their mothers or eat their children. It's hard to fathom that in real life. Then again, this person is a vegan from Berkely, so perhaps this is less a naturally born human as much as it is so much all of the smug self-righteousness in the area reaching critical mass and condensing into a sentient being, the way cosmic gas condenses into a star
I don't know about that, but I do know that if you don't like the smells in my neighborhood you are welcome not to visit it--but you for damn sure don't get to tell me what I can cook and whether or not my windows can be open.

* * *

Schumer is trying desperately to backpedal and to claim that he didn't say what he most certainly and explicitly said when he threatened Supreme Court justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

* * *

Saying the same things I've said and said about Social Security.

* * *

Oh, gee, a crooked union goon. Who coulda seen that one coming?

* * *

Yep, they've ruined Doctor Who, all right. Time Lords are now the result of someone doing horrible experiments on children, or something...?

Originally, Time Lords got twelve regenerations, and that's it. But the crew in charge of the thing has retconned all that and made it so that instead of the William Hartnell incarnation being the Doctor's first form, the Doctor was originally a little girl. Of course.

You think I'm joking?
One day many, many ages ago a woman scientist/explorer was gadding about the universe when she came upon a diverse child of color at the mouth of some wormhole or something. And although she was white herself, she adopted this child and was raising it as her own. Then one day the kid fell off a cliff and low and behold regenerated.

Woman scientist/explorer is intrigued by this, straps her adopted child to a table and starts murdering her for ten years until she figures out the secret of regeneration. She shares this with her friends and they...I shit you not...become the first Timelords. The Diverse Child of Color was, of course, the Doctor. Her memory was erased.
Well, of course. Why not?

I guess it really doesn't matter, at this point.

* * *

Best way to avoid living in fear that I know of, right there.

* * *

...and it's about time! Trump's going to withhold federal funding to so-called "sanctuary cities". You know, the cities who have unilaterally decided they don't have to enforce federal immigration laws or even to cooperate with the federal law enforcement agencies who enforce those laws.

About time!

* * *

This is one of the most exciting space exploration stories I've heard in a long time. Elon Musk has a goal: for SpaceX to be able to build one Starship per week at a cost of about $5 million apiece.

It's insane, of course. Nothing like that has ever been done, and no one really thinks it's possible. We're not talking about wheelbarrows or motorcycles here; we're talking about rocket ships. And not just rocket ships, but REUSABLE rocket ships.

But then again? Things that SpaceX is now doing routinely, like landing rockets on barges without using parachutes, were impossible not all that long ago. You probably remember me saying that the first launch of Falcon Heavy looked like science fiction? BECAUSE IT WAS! Before February 7, 2018 nothing like it had ever been done and Musk himself was saying there was a better than 50% chance the whole thing would just blow up.

The Falcon 9 is still the only reusable rocket capable of reaching orbit.

It's amazing to see that they're not resting on their laurels but trying to find a way to mass-produce cheap reusable heavy-lift rockets.

I'm just flabbergasted by it all.

* * *

So: everyone's out of the Democrat race except Biden and Bernie. The Democrat-media complex has united itself behind Biden.

And Bloomberg suspended his campaign:

They're pushing Biden because he won't wreck the sinecures and overturn the rice bowls like Sanders will. And with Biden they might be able to keep control of the House of Representatives, which they'll need if they want to keep impeaching Trump for whatever crimes and misdemeanors they can imagine.

Bernie has a plurality of delegates but Biden is catching up fast. If there's no clear winner, that'll mean "brokered convention" and that means the superdelegates will have their say. If that happens, I'd bet on Biden getting the nod, and the Bernie supporters boozing up and rioting.

* * *

Today was Thursday, all right, but I did manage to get a couple of things done at work, then come home and make a nice meatloaf dinner. Can't complain.

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