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#7054: One step removed

NASA calls it a "high-visibility close call" which is one step removed from "major fucking disaster". Okay? The latter category--abbreviate it MFD--was where Challenger and Colombia fell. The only reason the Starliner test flight wasn't "MFD" was because they recovered it without anything going "boom".

Boeing screwed the pooch with this thing, all to save one day's worth of testing.


* * *

Remember, these people think they're much smarter than you are. "Mike Bloomberg spent $500 million on his campaign! That's enough to give everyone in the United States one million dollars! and have money left over!"


There's literally not enough money in the world to give every person living in the US a million dollars. A million times a million is a trillion. All the wealth in the world is estimated to be somewhere around $220 trillion. There are 330 million people in the USA. So: it would take 330 trillion dollars to give everyone in the US a million each, and that would leave the entire rest of the world flat broke.

Mike Bloomberg spent enough to give everyone in the USA exactly $1.53, which won't even buy you a bottle of Pepsi in some places. FFS.

* * *

I don't see how this is possible. Democrats are 100% incoherent.
I'm sorry, what race do you think Elizabeth Warren is, Dum-Dum?

Did you not know that she's white, but masqueraded for years as an "American Indian" to get advantages in hiring and promotion?

Are you saying we're racially taunting her for being white? Well, we are.

But of course the left taunts people for being white every single day. "White" has become a ubiquitous internet putdown, and no one objects.

Until we point out that Elizabeth Warren is white--despite advertising herself as "native American" to take advantage of preferential minority hiring and promotion--and then it's a hate crime.
Oh, FFS, they think it's a hate crime whenever anyone disagrees with them. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

* * *

Way to make sure school dances stop happening, guys. You don't have the right to say "no" any longer, I guess. You have to scroll down a way to get to it, but basically this school was holding a Valentine's Day dance and they made it a rule that if someone asked you to dance, you had to accept and could not say "no".

So, the whole "NO means NO" thing that feminists trumpet, that's not so any longer? Or are you just not allowed to say "no" when the AUTHORITIES decide?

What a bunch of assholes.

* * *

This takes the cake for "dumbest question EVER": "Hey Christ, are you giving up anything for Lent?"


Hello? He gave his life for us?

* * *

I know it's in pretty bad taste but this kind of story makes me laugh until I almost piss myself because it has been far, far too long in coming.

The first tweedle:
I have gotten frantic texts from ppl that they are spotting ICE in their NYC buildings knocking on doors. They are terrified. This is happening TODAY. RIGHT NOW. People being hunted down. And when you get down to it, the reason why? They were not born in this country. We I mean.
When you get down to it, the reason why is because they are in the country illegally. Technically, saying "not born in this country" is correct, but it's only a half-truth because it doesn't tell the whole story.

If you're a legal immigrant, if you've obeyed the laws and done it the way you're supposed to, then you have absolutely nothing to fear. You won't be arrested and deported if you've obeyed the law. ICE isn't even looking for you; they're looking for people against whom a court has issued a deportation order, and if you're here legally and haven't broken any laws, there won't be a deportation order issued against you.

This useless extrusion goes on to say:
I've said it in the past but I'm gonna say it once again. This kind of targeting and dehumanization of immigrants of all races is based on anti-blackness and the hatred of the black body of men, women and children in this country.
And I've said it in the past and I'm gonna say it again: THEY BROKE THE LAW. They broke the law to be here, they have no right to be here, and they have to go back. It's not racism; it is merely the consequences of breaking the fucking law.

* * *

Ebay has indeed banned the sale of masks and hand sanitizer. Because people are profiteering:
In recent days, social media users have shared many screenshots of coronavirus-related items being offered at astronomical prices on eBay. One listing showed a package of 10 masks being sold for $200. Another showed a bottle of hand sanitizer being sold for $34.95--plus $8.70 for shipping.
I have to laugh at stupid, greedy people who went out and bought boxes of masks specifically to sell on eBay at overinflated prices.

* * *

Somehow I managed to get through another week. I don't feel like I got very much done. *sigh*

I've pretty much decided that I'll keep the bits on hand for the Jeep's oil filter adaptor, but if it's not actually leaking I think I'll leave it alone. "If it ain't broke" and so forth.

That doesn't mean I don't have other things I could work on, of course....

Still mulling getting a new stereo for the thing; the one in there is going on 13 years old. Today I saw that the license plate has started to de-laminate, so I'll probably have to go get a replacement set. Crimony.

Harbor Freight has their motorcycle lift on sale. With the coupon, $350. It lets you raise the whole bike about 29 inches, which is a comfortable working height. I am very, very sorely tempted, too....

* * *


It's Friday night, I'm home, and I can relax!

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