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Suddenly, it was 1:30 on Sunday afternoon!

I don't know if the Sandman was working overtime or if he just dumped a whole lot of sand on me, but I got sandbagged pretty effectively.

My wife and I were up unusually early for a Saturday but went back to bed in the later morning. Slept. Got up for a while, went back to bed, slept more. Had dinner around 9-ish; I laid down after that and ended up falling asleep. Woke up around 5:30 AM, was up for a bit, went back to bed again, and slept.

Not a headache in sight.

...I don't know why I slept so much, but I'm going to assume that I needed it, precisely because I didn't get a headache--which I usually do when I oversleep.

* * *

COVID-19 doom and gloom.

From somewhere I got a bit of information I did not have: in South Korea, the death rate is 0.6 percent.

North Korea, the death rate is 100%: they shot the first guy who got it.

Meanwhile it's still something to be concerned about, but I refuse to panic and live in fear. Wash your hands with soap and water, and try to avoid touching your face.

* * *

It looks like Betelgeuse belched out a huge cloud of dust in our general direction. That's the reason for the anomalous dimming. Oh well!

* * *

ICE rounding up illegal aliens is nothing like the Holocaust, you ignorant shithead.
[Previously given examples] are the illegals that ICE is going after. Violent criminals and sex offenders with criminals convictions who have been given a pass in sanctuary cities.

They are exactly like the innocent Jewish children who were rounded up and exterminated for being Jewish. [THIS IS SARCASM.]

This shits all over the memory and lesson of the Holocaust. To conflate the victims of genocide with the mass arrest and deportation of recidivist violent convicts is offensive and anti-Semitic.
The concluding paragraph suggests that this woman hide illegal alien criminals in her attic to protect them from ICE, if she really thinks that a roundup of illegal alien convicts is equivalent to Hitler rounding up Jews.

Modern leftists are always ready to protest--sometimes violently, as long as their victims can't fight back--but I never see them actually put their money where their mouths are. If you honestly think that ICE equals Gestapo, how can you not hide illegals in your own home?

They say a lot of things about President Trump, but their actions don't back them up. If you're really afraid of a fascist President the last thing you do is go out in public and shoot your mouth off about how stupid and evil and crazy he is. But if you're able to go out in public and fearlessly give vent to your views, and to say that the President is a fascist dictator, then you're merely engaging in hyperbole, aren't you?

A real fascist dictator would put your ass in the gulag for doing that, and you know it. And so all you're doing is getting more shrill and hyperbolic about the fact that--gee how did Obama say it?--YOU LOST and ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

* * *

More about the "high-visibility close call" nonsense. You don't skimp on testing, particularly not when you're trying to fly a man-rated vehicle.

* * *

Current temperature inside the bunker equals the reported temperature outside. I'm going to go change oil in the Mrs' car and look for oil leaks in mine.

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