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#7057: Three things I missed earlier

Washington, D.C. police department is deliberately underreporting crime statistics to make themselves look better. Big f-ing surprise.

* * *

The world produces enough food to support 10 billion people right now and we could easily double that output. "All the starving people live in socialist hellholes."

* * *

I wish they treated sex toys the way they treat guns. If power came from the...orofice...of a dildo the left would want to ban private ownership of them.

* * *

Sunday night. Nice warm day today; I got the oil changed in Mrs. Fungus' car and the cats were overjoyed that daddy opened some windows. Now it's nighttime and it's cooled off, and further we're not likely to have weatehr that warm again for at least a month and a half, if not longer. But that's okay.

I was trying to think about what "quarantine" means. Let's say I get the thing but I don't feel all that bad. I have to stay home; regardless of whether or not I feel sick I can't go spreading it around.

Does that mean I have to stay indoors the whole time, with the windows and doors shut? Or could I go out to the garage and work on my motorcycle? Obviously I need to avoid close contact with people, but what does that mean?

What about getting things delivered? As long as I don't have to interact with the deliveryman? I mean, could Amazon drop stuff on my front porch, and then I could go out later and get it?

That article I linked earlier from Borepatch--that suggests that the nation's medical system will be swamped by mid-May, and I read that as saying that mid-May is about the time we're either done with this stuff, or just done. If we can keep it all under control--well, here's hoping that most of us (at least) can get vaccinated before the thing sweeps the whole country.

What bothers me is that we have tickets for shows in May. I'd hate not to see those shows, but I expect I'd hate getting COVID-19 a lot more, and it's just not worth the risk.

Play it by ear, I guess.

My biggest worry is not merely getting the thing, but getting the thing either just before or just after the medical system saturates. There's a 90% chance that it's not a problem, regardless, of course; but just let there be some underlying issue that I don't know about and, well. If I'm unlucky enough to roll above 90% on my percentile roll, then I need hospital care; and if there are no beds--well, then it all comes down to just how high that percentile roll went.

Meanwhile, Washington state has the worst of it at the moment. Saw on the news a story about how badly it was affecting a nursing home, and I just sighed and shook my head. COVID-19 gets into one of those places and it'll clear it out in pretty quick order, and there's literally nothing anyone can do about it, even with heroic measures.

At that, it's not ebola. Its mortality rate is significantly lower than that, and as I've said again and again the real danger here is how contagious it is. It's not even as deadly as the flu is; and among people with no underlying health issues the mortality rate should be very small.

Here's hoping.

* * *

Anyway we lost an hour to "spring forward" so I'm doing my 9 PM wind-down at 10 PM. I have a load of laundry in the wash that needs to go into the dryer, and I can't go to bed until it's finished drying because it has my bath towel in it, and if I don't put it back in the bathroom, tomorrow morning I'm going to be walking downstairs naked and dripping wet to get the thing, and I don't want to do that.

So, guess I'll wait.

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