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Elizabeth Warren failed of nomination because of sexism. That's the new hotness on the Democrat side: sexism kept Elizabeth Warren from securing the nomination for President.

Um...I'm really not into typographic emphasis, but for the Democrats out there, I'm going to have to turn up the volume a bit to make sure you read what I am trying to tell you:


Okay? I mean, sure, you'll have some people from other parties, and self-styled "moderates" and "independents" who will vote in the Democrat parties, but by and large, the people who voted in the Democrat primaries but did not vote for Elizabeth Warren

This isn't that complicated, and it should be relatively easy to understand. By claiming that "sexism" was what kept Elizabeth Warren from winning the Democrat nomination, these people are accusing their own voters of being sexists.

I mean, I get it: this is the party of "check your (white) privilege", so of course there are going to be a significant number of pasty white soyboy gamma incels who hear this charge, self-identify, and burst into tears over it. "You're right! You're right! My white male privilege led me to vote for Bernie instead! I'm such a sexist! Oh, why couldn't I have been born a wise lesbian of color instead of a while male?"


* * *

Because there still isn't any statistically measurable incidence of anti-black hate crimes, they continue to be manufactured. Gee, Still Yet Another hate-crime hoax, this time a black woman carving "white pride" into the sidewalk outside a gym that's owned by black people.


* * *

Went to the store for a few things--out of peanut butter and bread again--and picked up an extra pack of toilet paper. Butter was on sale, 2 for 5--grabbed a couple for the freezer. Some Pepsi and MD, of course. Bread, peanut butter, some fish patties. Came to about $55, nothing I really desperately needed (but for the PBJ components) but also stuff that it doesn't hurt to have extra of.

There was not a single case of bottled water anywhere in the store. There's usually a big pile of it by the doors, but not today! Totally bare floor there. The shelves in the water aisle had some gallon jugs of distilled etc, but none of the "single serving" bottles. Not so much as one. Not of any brand.

We don't live in a desert. We are not going to run out of water. Seriously.


* * *

Got to go to 2:40 to hear the Bond villain rant but it's there, all right: the woman is positively unhinged, screaming into the microphone in a hate-filled voice, that she's rich and famous because she had an abortion at age 15. "I HAVE ALL OF IT BECAUSE! BECAUSE! BECAUSE! BECAUSE! I WAS ALLOWED! BODILY AUTONOMY!" I mean, she's literally screaming in anger.

But look at what she's saying. She's actually saying, "I traded my child's life for my own ease and comfort! Because I had my child killed, I was able to be rich and famous!"

Do you think that's an equitable and reasonable trade? Would that make you happy, if you could trade one child's life for fame and fortune? I'm telling you, this is exactly the way she herself has framed this; she is the one saying that without killing her child she could not have been rich and famous. Is that a deal you'd want to make?


* * *

Incidentally, Democrats seem to kill their children more than Republicans do which is why there's a dearth of qualified candidates on their side of the aisle.


* * *

Socialism's butcher's bill may be even more staggering than we thought. Sounds as if there's convincing evidence that the pile of corpses we can lay at Karl Marx's feet numbers two hundred million.

If it were actually possible to change history, I would go back in time and make sure Karl Marx never wrote so much as one word. Fuck Hitler; you take out Karl Marx and Hitler goes with him. long, that is, as we don't get someone worse.


* * *

Mixing glitter with palm ash is pure sacrelidge. It's nothing but.
The Adorning of the Ashes is not supposed to be an external political statement. It is a reminder of internal reflection. Glitter turns the Ashes into a political statement. It turns the reflection into a virtue signal.

It perverts the Ashes with identity politics. Rich and poor, every Christian is Adorned with the same ashes. There are not golden ashes for the rich to wear to show that they are pious and fashionable. You don't mix your ashes with the colors of your favorite sports team.

The ashes are to remind you that "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."
Notice please that it says "for dust thou art", not "for dust and glitter and WTF-ever else you feel like adding thou art." And not to put too fine a point on it, but "This literally shows solidarity with a sin." And: "Ash Wednesday is to remind of people of their mortality and the start of Christ's Temptation by Satan, not to celebrate a sexuality."


* * *

Oh my God who the fuck thought that was a good idea?
Victims of a warped social experiment in Germany where authorities deliberately placed troubled kids with paedophile foster parents are set to win compensation. Between 1969 to 2003, these homeless boys aged between six and 14 were handed over to paedos--because it was thought the vulnerable kids might benefit from their attention.
I am, simply put, flabbergasted! Who on earth thought that the best way to help "at risk" boys was to give them to people who would rape them?

*epic facepalm*

* * *

The autistic schoolgirl--to whom we are ordered to look for sage advice on caring for the ecosystem--gravely intones "We can not have climate justice without gender equity."

Summed up nicely in the title: "If anti-Zionists are righteous why do they always lie?"


* * *

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500--it's been a damned good mouse, I have to say. Hasn't died from being clicked even though it's more than a decade old. But the scroll wheel is getting a little sticky, so I thought I'd disassemble it and clean it.

Problem 1: You need to pull off the "glide pads", the little slippery plastic bits on the bottom, to get at the screws. But that's not such a huge problem--worst case, glue. Right?

Problem 2: Torx screw. Really? And it's a weird size, so nothing that I have on hand fits it. I tried three different tools and none of them had anything that would do it. I mean, I do have a driver set that I could use to disassemble this mouse, but it's at work. Do I actually need to have two sets of them? But wait! I do have a big assortment of bits in with the hex driver I got for my birthday! Lo and behold, one that fits! Okay, unscrew it and open...oh. Looks like there's at least one other screw. Peel off the other glide pad, and

Problem 3: Torx screws, two of them, in a different size. And no, I don't have a bit that fits these.


Microsoft, WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with Philips-head screws? Or even posi-drive? They ought to be a damned sight cheaper than Torx!


* * *

And the one thing that's not facepalm-generating: A wee bit of common sense and perspective, and from an extremely unlikely source. Arse Technica, the Global Warming Resource--about as non-scientific as you can get--actually talks sense about COVID-19.

* * *

Received fifteen new computers today. Ten desktops and five laptops. I spent most of my day doing inventory work on them, getting them checked in and entered into the database and-and-and.

...and then carrying them all upstairs to the server room for storage. I made eight trips up and down the stairs, laden up, empty-handed down. I'm pleased to say that while I was breathing heavily I was not winded, nor was I "out of breath". So I'm probably in a little bit better of condition than I feared.

That'll do.

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