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#7061: Well, that's interesting news

So, today we got a little information about the company's plans with respect to COVID-19. I had a couple of paragraphs typed out, then realized that I probably shouldn't discuss it here. But the plans are sound.

Meanwhile, gasoline has dropped precipitously in the Fungal Vale. Not ten days ago it was $2.86 a gallon; now it's fifty cents cheaper.

* * *

Broke down and ordered a new mouse from Amazon. Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500, $21 delivered. Why mess with success? But since I brought my PC home from work (part of the virus contingencies) my precision screwdriver set is home, too. And that one will get me into the mouse so I can fix the scroll wheel.

* * *

In the Democrats' world, saying to someone "You're full of shit!" is called a stutter.

You don't believe me? Check this out.

Here's more examples of Joe Biden's stutter:
A blue collar Union autoworker asks Joe about protecting gun rights.
- Screams at voter
- Points finger in his face
- Says he will ban "AR-14s"
- Insults him
Perhaps if Democrats had not aborted all their children, they'd have someone electable about age 50-ish, so they wouldn't have to rely on senile old relics who are incapable of keeping their shit together for more than ten minutes.

Further down, NeverTrumper David Frum (who I believe the late Jerry Pournelle always referred to as "The Egregious Frum") says this:
Kind of amazing that anybody thinks this video makes Biden look anything other than terrific. He shushes the aide who wants to lead him away--and then engages a hostile critic face to face, fact to fact. Impressive.
Sure, Dave, sure. You go ahead and spin this as positively as you can for your new Democrat butt-buddies. Thanks for reminding us how much of a conservative you actually are.

There's a right way and a wrong way to "engage a hostile critic" when you're stumping for high office. If you want to assume Biden is playing with a full deck--which looks increasinly unlikely--then he sure made a piss-poor decision there. Screaming, "You're full of shit!" is not the thing to do.

It sure as hell ain't Presidential.

But oh! It's just a stutter, right?

* * *

It took me a very long time to understand the concept of "making a target of yourself". It wasn't until my late sister's kids were in junior high school that I realized that some of my social isolation was my own fault. Being different is bad when you're a teenager; and I told my niece that even if she thought it was total bullshit, putting on a nice face at school would help to diminish the horseshit.

It did.

Some people can't resist making targets of themselves, though, but lack the self-awareness to understand that being really different is going to arouse curiosity.

Then there's this:
In truth, she is giving people the wrong idea. And she ought to have figured out by now that her affectation is not a fashion forward statement. It represents a will to abuse other people, to trick them into thinking that something is wrong. And to allow her to disabuse them of their impression.

If she is looking to gain attention she is gaining it. If she wants them to stop asking, she ought simply to let her hair grow out. Of course, now that she has made a complete fool of herself, and now that she has tried to impose her affectation on others, she cannot easily let her hair grow without seeming to be giving in to pressure.
And later he characterizes it as "anti-social and rude behavior", which really ain't all that far off the mark.

You want to be weird? Either hang out with other weirdos, or get used to answering questions. AS for me, the easiest thing to me seems for her to get a tattoo--I LIKE BEING BALD, perhaps--where her hair would normally grow.

* * *

President Trump has some interesting ideas for keeping the economy from tanking due to COVID-19, including giving everyone a 0% income tax rate for the rest of the year. Just on wages and salaries, mind you, but that'd help everyone, all right.
the Democrats are playing a game of claiming that any downturn in the economy, even if caused by an epidemic which started in China and is ravaging the world, is the fault of the Bad Orange Man.

This is a political gambit to say, "Well, if you care about the economy, join me in strengthening it."

I'd like to see what the Democrats have to say about why they're refusing to do this.
Of course Ace knows better. What the Democrats want is for the economy to tank and for this thing to be as bad as possible so they can lay it all at Trump's feet and blame him for not preventing it (as if anyone could) even as they blamed him for taking "premature" actions before any of them realized there was a problem.

Chuck Schemer's tweetle needs to be wallpapered across the country so everyone can see what a dickhead he is.

* * *

Greece is showing us how border control is done. If you don't want refugees flooding your country, you must do something to keep them out; and sometimes that "something" is to shoot at them.

* * *

If you're going to denounce people as racists for calling it "Wuhan Virus" perhaps you ought not to have called it that yourself on a previous occasion.

* * *

Perhaps if parents of inner-city youths were this hard on their children more often, we would see a lot less criminal behavior from them. You know?

* * *
The climategate files, most of which I myself read, are the internal emails of the climate conspiracy. It is obvious from their internal emails that the official climate scientists do no know and do not care whether the world is warming or cooling, whether humans are causing it or not, and whether it would be bad or good.

Their objective is to indict humans in general, whites and western civilization in particular, and anglos specifically, for crimes against Gaia.
* * *

The best thing about President Trump is the greatly increased likelihood that Hillary Clinton will never be President.

* * *

After last night's writing session, I was so wound up I didn't get to sleep until after 3:30 AM. I got maybe three hours of sleep, and then went to work today.

Might not get much, if any, writing done tonight. That's okay, though.

* * *

Saw a YouTube video where a guy was showing off all the classic Mustang sheetmetal he has. He's planning to take that pile of stamped metal and turn it into a body--building his own--and that ought to be quite interesting to see. He's not going to do anything else; just build it, and then sell it.

The thing is, if you have a classic Mustang--even if it's missing huge chunks of it--if you can weld you can fix the damned thing. If you pay someone to weld it for you it'll cost a fuckton of money, but if you can weld it yourself, then it's just your time. (Plus electricity, plus welding materials.)

The sheetmetal's not cheap, either, of course. But even so, as this series demonstrates, you can build an entire freaking car from aftermarket parts.

* * *

Hoping to have the rough draft of AV done before Easter. We'll see how we do, of course.

* * * I took the mouse apart, and the reason the scroll wheel was so hard to turn stemmed from the gunk that was jammed in the assembly. I took quite a lot of fuzz and junk out of it. It turns a lot more easily now, and it's a lot smoother to boot. I cleaned the entire outside of the mouse off, getting crud out of the crevices and so forth. It doesn't look new but it's smooth and clean and works perfectly.

New one arrives tomorrow; maybe I'll set it aside as a spare.

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