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#7064: The birds are singing

And the robins have returned to the Fungal Vale. Mom was always happy when the robins came back.

* * *

So, it's Friday, finally. Had to go to the farther offsite today but--for a change!--I got done everything I went there to do. Amazing. Got back to the office at 4:40 and had just enough time to get my expense report updated and my time card submitted before it was time to go home.

Trying to image a new computer, a model I never imaged before. These machines are brand new, having been manufactured in the last week of February.

Ordinarily I provide power and network connection, plug a USB drive in, make a few selections on the screen, and Win 10 and a suite of applications installs itself quietly while I do other things. Not here! I make the connections and plug in the USB stick, and tell the thing to boot from the USB drive...and then it erases the USB drive. But that's not all! Not only does it erase it, but it BRICKS the motherfucker. Two 8 GB and one 16 GB drives, and now none of them can hold more than 299 MB each thanks to this shit.

I tried to fix one of the drives (of course) but now it won't take a format, not even at 299 MB.


* * *

The left always talks up civil rights, including the right to keep and bear arms. Right up until the point that it's convenient for them to take away your civil rights; and then they'll tell you with a straight face that they were always going to do this and they even said so. And anyway, your civil rights are obstructing the construction of our glorious workers' paradise.

Gee, a bunch of leftists who are hypocrites. Who coulda seen that one coming.

* * *

Oh, this is so true I want to have it engraved on a plaque.
(If you find a really racist piece of American history, all you have to do is scratch the surface and you will find Democrats at the heart of it, without fail, since 1824.)
It's true! It's really true!

* * *

Side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The migrant transport NGOs, meanwhile, have written a letter to the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development expressing their concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how they can continue to operate, likely fearing a collapse in donation money.
My reply to that letter would approximate "LOL get fucked."

* * *

The press is unhappy that Trump voters don't take them seriously. "We've only spent the last four years lying our asses off about him, and calling him and his supporters stupid racist bigots! Why won't they listen to us?"


* * *

This is a good point: do these people actually want the President to have that level of power? Do they want President Trump to be able to shut down schools and sporting events and-and-and?

I don't think they do. I think they want that to be controlled by politicians more local to them. I think if a President actually tried to take that kind of control over the country, there'd be huge protests in no time.

* * *

China is claiming that THE WUHAN VIRUS originated in the USA. A communist dictatorship lying about something! "I'll take 'Days of the week that end in "-day"' for $200, Alex."

* * *

Concealed carry is legal in Chicago but it's not very widespread...yet. It will take some time for the laws of natural selection to work, but at some point the number of concealed carriers will hit a critical tipping point and the criminals will begin to realize that if they attack someone their lives could very well be in danger. And at that point, a lot of the non-gang-related crime will stop happening.

Of course Chicago will still be a shooting gallery with hundreds of casualties per year because the gangs will still be trying to kill each other.

* * *

That's a good point; this whole thing may be happening too early in the year. If Trump comes out on top of this thing, the Democrats will get de-elected with such prejudice that the term "Democrat candidate" will become its own self-sustaining laugh line.

* * *

NASA's SLS rocket is $2 billion over budget and two years late and you coulda knocked me over with a feather....

* * *

Twice-deported illegal alien caught raping a woman.

I have no words.

* * *

This really does put the entire story line of The Phantom Menace into perspective. Andy Wier (The Martian) does a version of The Phantom Menace in Earth of the 1940s.
[Japanese Admiral] Nagumo receives a radio transmission from a man who is clearly, undeniably, and obviously Vice President Harry Truman doing a very poor job of disguising his voice. It turns out Truman is working with the Japanese--or, more accurately--the Japanese are working for Truman. Why the Japanese are working with Truman is left as an exercise to the viewer. Truman orders the Japanese to attack Hawaii immediately. So they do.
Holy crap, and it really is that bad a story.

* * *

Man, am I tired. I think I'll try to grab a nap before Mrs. Fungus gets home.

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