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#7069: I guess we'd better get ready.

So far, everything our government has talked about doing, it's done. Today I heard from three sources that they are considering a general quarantine: wherever you are, that's where you stay.

For two weeks.

...which means if business travel takes you to Lower Bumfuckistan, Montana, you're there for two weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't mean, "You're at work? You're there for two weeks, pal!" I'd like to be able to go home, especially since the only food available at work comes from a vending machine.

Preparations are being made for people to work from home. I'm "essential personnel" because I keep the computers working, so I'm not included in that list. But federal and state governments outrank corporate decisions, so preparations are also being made for on-site support people like me to work from home.

Already, I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am not to visit any of my offsites until further notice.

We are to treat users' computers like they've just been soaked in COVID-19: wear gloves, wipe with disinfecting wipes, fix, wipe again, and return to user. No one to get within at least three to five feet of each other. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Etcetera.

I asked, "When do we get the isolation glove boxes?" and probably should not have. I meant it as a joke.

Anyway, went to the store for toothpaste and deoderant, and ended up buying rather a bit more. Wife wanted saltines, and with the looming prospect of a fortnight without a trip to the grocery store I wanted to buy more food. Ended up walking out with more supplies, but not saltines--they were totally out of them.

No bread. No milk products other than cheese. No crackers. No instant potatoes of any sort, and no bagged potatoes either. I did get a few pounds of potatos, even so, but I had to bag them myself. Got a corned beef brisket and carrots and cabbage, too. That brisket will make dinner and lunch for two days at least (and probably three).

Still plenty of fresh vegetables--with the exception of potatoes and onions--and meat available.

I said "no milk" but I snagged one of the last two containers of buttermilk. I'm not going to put it on cereal but it should work just fine in place of regular milk for things that require it, like the loaf of milk bread I'm thinking of making tonight, or in macaroni and cheese.

The store was a madhouse on a Monday evening. Paper aisle was stripped bare. Bread aisle was the same way. You could get some rolls in the bakery section but there weren't many of those. Snack cakes were heavily depleted. Cleaning products--I didn't even bother looking.

Plenty of butter, $5 for two one-pound bricks. But no crescent rolls or, indeed, any of the Pillsbury "you bake" products at all. Cheese was still mostly in stock but only a bare handfuls of each kind were available.

...gasoline is $2.20 a gallon and I expect it to drop further.

So if the government goes through with its "considering", we're all looking at being stuck in place for two weeks. I'll be able to do some work, of course. Install print drivers, help with VPN issues, remote in and jigger settings, stuff like that--but what I won't be able to do is things like go to the server room and check to see why something-or-other is no longer responding to ping. Hardware goes down and it's down for the duration.

Anyway, just saw a story saying there are "no plans" for a general quarantine. I guess we'll see.

* * *

Bernie Sanders sure loves him some communist China. How did China become so successful, so quickly?
China's economy is entirely the result of it being a cruel authoritarian society.

The well connected can get ahead. Those who are entrepreneurial have to play the government game (bribery, corruption, etc).

The rest of China is just fodder for the machine.


The base of the Chinese economy runs on essentially conscript slave labor. Workers are treated as disposable. This forced labor for pay isn't exactly the same raising people out of poverty as the growth of the Middle Class in the United States.
China's economy is a marxist's caricature of capitalism. It's 100% the result of communism, though.

* * *

Libertarianism is basically soft anarchism.

* * *

How medical monopolies keep out competition. I know that in the Fungal Vale you need to drive quite far before you find yourself outside the Fransciscan Alliance. They have all the clinics, offices, hospitals, and nursing homes under their umbrella. Then they have the balls to advertise, as if people living around here had any kind of choice.

Well, we do: drive an hour, or go to one of their places.

And the big organizations get laws passed to make sure that no one can compete with them. The medical industry is the only one that's exempt from the same trade laws that all other industries must obey. That needs to change.

* * *

It's the frigging flu, people.
Not great by any means, and more infectious (possibly) than some other flus in our recent past, but for all that just the flu. The ongoing sky-is-falling global freakout has next to nothing to do with the actual bug. We live in a deeply anxious age, and that anxiety has to discharge somehow. It's global hysteria--classic hysteria, Freudian hysteria, an excess of stress that must be discharged by "converting" it into behavior.
And so we hoard bottled water and toilet paper. FFS.

* * *

But the folks are all right.

* * *

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we've been inundated with inquiries from out-of-state folks--many from California--asking if we can ship them a gun directly. The answer is, of course, no. Despite what politicians and many in popular media claim, you can't buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house. Well, you could, if you were a federally licensed firearm dealer (or federally licensed curio and relic collector) and your home was your place of business. Other than that, no, you can't buy a gun online and have it shipped, especially across state lines, to your home.
Hat tip and I thought this comment was particularly apt:
When the riots in Los Angeles occurred in the early 1990s, people rushed to gun stores to buy guns, waiting in long lines only to find that there was a two week wait before they could actually take possession of their new firearm. They were shocked. They needed their guns NOW and were incensed to find out they couldn't get them NOW. Where were these folks when these laws were being passed? They were AWOL. Couldn't care less. This is one of the problems in our modern society. Life is so good and so stable for most folks, that they don't care about laws that restrict your ability to defend yourself and your family. That is up until the manure hits the ventilator and then it's HOLY SHIT, I need a gun. On top of that, LAPD stopped sending units into the riot neighborhoods because they decided it was too dangerous. People were outraged when they called 911 for police help as roaming crowds of thugs entered their neighborhoods and found out the police would not come to their aid. Law suits ensued after the riots and the courts decided that the police were under no obligation to provide protection! Pretty good wake up call, you'd think. But I'm sure that it has all been forgotten by most folks. Sad.
I'd love to see the anti-gun people trying to buy guns and finding out just how difficult it actually is to buy one on short notice.

Well--if you know the right people and don't mind breaking the law, you can probably get something adequate from a black market dealer, cash on the barrelhead. Of course, if you're caught with that gun--whether you have a government permission slip that lets you own guns or not--you're going to go to jail, because besides the fact that it's probably stolen, you bought it without a background check from an unlicensed dealer.

There are a staggering number of people out there who don't understand what the current laws are, who nod along in agreement whenever someone starts talking about "how easy it is" to get a gun.

And watching these ignorant shitheads gape with astonishment that they have to wait for their guns would be most satisfying to me.

* * *

Terrorism and insurrection in one tweet. Not bad, bitch. I should go buy all of James Woods' movies.

* * *

No pages added to AV in several days--been too busy with nonsense. *sigh* I need to write, damn it, or this thing won't get completed before Easter.

Well, you know--if they do lock down the country, I should have some time then, because the amount of work I can do in my job, from home, is not very great. So I'll sit here at my desk with my work machine running and keep an eye on the screen when it refreshes, and otherwise just do what I can.

But I believe the President when he says there are no current plans for that. That doesn't take it off the table, of course. But of all the players in this insane clownshow, Trump is the one person I do trust, at least more than I do the Chinese, or the Europeans, or the media. I can't defend it with anything approaching logic but I just feel that the administration will only do what is necessary and not make things worse than they need to be specifically because they want to win an election.

Unlike, you know, the Democrats and their media mouthpieces.

A few links ago used the word "hysteria", and I think that's exactly the right word. The world has gone nuts over this thing. Nothing adds up. Sure, it's really contagious, but where's the data saying how contagious? Compared to other diseases? How fatal, and compared with other diseases? The mainstream media is utterly ignoring the fact that with something like 1,600 cases in the United States, the number of deaths is only middle two figures. 60-something, at last report, of which a bit less than half (26) came from the same building in the same city!

It's insane.

But you know what? It really puts AV into perspective. Remember the blurb? "A man who can see the future engineers the downfall of civilization--in order to save the human race from extinction!" I'm really coming to understand how the right push in the right place at the right time can really foul things up.


In any case, I've got miles to go before I sleep, so I'd better handle what needs handlin'.

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