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#7070: Parking lots empty.

Most of the people who work in the office weren't there today. I expect there to be even fewer people there tomorrow.

Did not bother checking the store for bread. I do have enough to last a couple of days and I can make it when this runs out.

I'm just tired today.

* * *

One billion dollars wasted on a launch tower. $234 million to build it for Ares; then after that was canceled, an additional $663 million to adapt it for SLS.

Seems like it would have been cheaper just to build a new one.

* * *

Brussels can go fuck itself. "Brussels Angry Trump Acted Without Their Permission"--you know, when European countries start pulling their fricking weight in NATO maybe then they have a right to complain about what our President does, but they will never have the right to demand that we get their permission to do what's right for our country.

* * *

The Extinction Rebellion Movement does not show very much dedication to their cause if they're canceling a "die-in" due to fears of infectious disease.

...of course they want everyone else to die, not themselves. Leftist, hypocrite, yada yada.

* * *

Some real and trustworthy COVID-19 data comes from the cruise ship that got quarantined. Pretty much a "worst case" scenario, and the death rate was 1.2%. 83% of the people aboard the ship never even got infected.

If that's a microcosm of how the thing works in the general population, then the response we've seen to it is way the hell overblown.

* * *

Dinner's going to be late this evening. Got home at 5:15 and immediately put the corned beef on to cook, but "50 minutes per pound" and it's not a little one. It's going to taste good, though, and provide leftovers for a couple of days, at least. Woohoo!

* * *

So, they're not talking about a general lockdown any more, but they are talking about dispensing "helicopter money": giving everyone some amount of cash to spend, so as to stimulate the economy.

I guess Mitt "Obama Lite" Romney said, "$1,000 per person!" I suppose it's not a bad idea, though of course all they're really doing is taking $1,000 from every person in the USA and then giving it back to them. The money does not appear through magic; either it is first taxed away from people, or it is borrowed against future productivity.

$1,000 per person in the US seems excessive. $1,000 per wage earner would be excessive. Okay, assume the former: 327,000,000 people in the US, times a thousand, is $327,000,000,000--$327 billion dollars. Assume half that number actually have jobs and earn their pay: $164 billion.

But of course we're already so far down that trail that doing this--or not--is utterly irrelevant to the final outcome of the Ponzi scheme. My wife and I, talking about this, decided that if we do get "helicopter money" we'll use it to buy a new dishwasher.

* * *

There was a new chapter of Useless High School Girls up and I read it last night, before bed. Ota wants to lose some weight, and Robo has programmed an app which is also a dating sim, so she tries it. She's able to paste over the protagonist form a picture of the teacher she has a crush on; but it's not a very good picture. He's standing in the classroom next to an open window, and the wind has blown his hair and necktie aside:

...but it's the only pick that Ota has of him, so she goes with it. So on the screen it looks like this:

And so every time I saw a screenshot from the game I would laugh uncontrollably at it because it's so ridiculous.

Incidentally, it looks like there's a live-action adaptation of the thing, and the casting is dead-on perfect:

That's Robo, Baka, and Ota, in order. Baka, especially, is exactly what real-world Baka should look like.

* * *

Anyway, I've got nothing else. Spring is coming--the yellow crocus was blooming today and it looks like the white one has sprouted. Have to keep an eye on that before the squirrels or whatever eat them.

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