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#7071: As usual, it's fun

Little Big has another music video:

It's not as silly as Skibidi or Big Dick or I'm OK but it's still plenty funny to watch.

* * *

Some of the most asinine superhero characters I've ever heard of. "Safespace" and "Snowflake" are bad enough, but "Trailblazer" is a fat black girl (probably a lesbian, as the article says) whose special power is...a magic backpack.

Must be full of food.

* * *

I'm hoping it's $1,000 once and not every month. Because while I think that a Universal Basic Income will not only be possible one day, but is the inevitable outcome of capitalism, it is impossible RIGHT NOW. Our industrial base is not nearly big enough to support that kind of thing right now, and doing it on a permanent basis is highly inflationary and will only wreck the economy faster than we were already wrecking it even before the COVID-19 hysteria began.

* * *

The numbers we have are not very good which is why I'm not panicking. Okay: we do know that about 81% of people who are exposed to the Wuhan virus either show no symptoms, or only mild ones. 19% get really sick, and I think it's something like 5% get life-threatening illness from it. Most of that 5% are people above the age of 65, or who have pre-existing conditions which weaken their immune system.

All of this seems to have been borne out by that cruise ship that was quarantined.

And he says this:
Exposure can be tested, whether ill or not. However, very few people will be tested for exposure if they feel fine or have the sniffles, and it would be absurd (except for a limited study of the general population) to randomly test people. I'd be interested in those results but it's academic.
Generalized testing is impossible, but if it were done, I think it would show that a lot of us have been exposed to the thing already. The death rate would drop precipitously.

Look: up until roughly this week, the only tests available for COVID-19 were lab tests that required a lot of human intervention; a typical lab could do maybe 50 tests a week. Now they have an automated test, and a typical lab can run four hundred tests a week. Even so, you're not going to test everybody; you're only going to test the people who are obviously ill.

Some guy who has a bit of a dry cough but no fever might get tested, but the guy who's hacking up gobs of mucus and has a fever of 104 is definitely being tested. The third guy who's hale and hearty and has no symptoms at all, he won't be tested. Now let's assume all three were living in the same apartment; then they'd all be tested. But only because of their proximity to the really sick guy.

327 million tests? Nope. Not happening.

* * *

Five successful flights, but it wasn't recovered successfully. SpaceX wants to get ten flights out of each Falcon 9 rocket. This one did half that. That's actually really good, especially considering that before 2010 no one had done it.

Still, you can bet that SpaceX is going to analyze that thing to death and figure out why the engine failed, and do what they can to prevent such failures in the future.

* * *

Your son is too advanced, so make him not do this until the school system is ready for him to do that! *sigh*

I know what these people mean. I've told the story here, and told it and told it: how I was reading a book by myself when free time ended and the teacher seemed mad at me because I was reading on my own.

* * *

"Why going woke means going broke":
That's why the Ghostbusters movie flopped on the first day: audiences already knew what it was going to be. That's why the Picard show is getting such dismal reviews on Rotten Tomatoes: we don't need sexist, racist, homophobic bastards screaming at us repeatedly about how awful we are as viewers when it comes to women, minorities, and gays.
He's not wrong. Let's face it: Hollywood is full of hypocrites, as this post points out. Why should I listen to anything Patrick Stewart tells me about how awfully oppressed the poor people of the United States are when he's got a net worth of eighty million dollars?

Leftism, hypocrisy, yada yada. You know the drill.

...but it's not just that. It's because the stories aren't any good. There's nothing compelling about Rey ("Mary Suewalker") from the latest SW trilogy, because she just automatically wins:

There's no struggle because you know everything goes her way, like the first Harry Potter movie, and "no struggle" means "no suspense" means "no fun".

I mean, there is a certain level of expectation you have, seeing a movie, that the protagonist is not going to die--or, if he does, it'll be at the end and not in the middle of the thing. (Though in Executive Decision, the character played by Steven Segal died in an inimical and sudden fashion partway through...mainly because Segal himself walked off the production.) So watching The Force Awakens you know pretty well that Rey is not going to be shot out of the sky by First Order stormtroopers and at the end she's not going to get killed in her first-ever lightsaber duel with "Kylo" Ren Solo.

But what you don't expect is for a film to work out a certain way, regardless of what's reasonable and proper, solely because the people writing and directing the thing want that outcome. Okay, like the end of the first Harry Potter movie, where Dumbledore just invents a whole bunch of points so that Gryffendor wins the cup or whatever it was. Kind of like 2016's Democrat convention, where the Superdelegates decided that Hillary won the nomination.

O NO Princess Leia can't be dead, so she suddenly has force powers and can save herself from the vacuum of space!

Like that. Okay, or the totally inept running chase scene in Rise of Skywalker that lasted half the movie, where that pilot guy gets a public humiliation at Laura Dern's hands because he dared to be male and have a solution to the problem that wasn't "run away very slowly and let ships get picked off one by one".

Instead of being entertaining stories--which is hard--these people write propaganda films aimed at pushing this or that leftist ideal...and they suck because they're boring shit.

* * *

This is more true than the artist would like to admit, I'll bet. Power corrupts.

* * *

Anyway, it's Wednesday evening, and for some reason I am extra-tired tonight. I am going to aim to go to bed pretty early, I think.

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