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#7073: "Shelter in place".

It was announced this afternoon that Illinois is now under "shelter in place" rules effective 5 PM Saturday. You know what that means, don't you? The stores are going to be stripped clean again as people panic-buy all sorts of shit.

I was amazed that I was actually able to fill up the Jeep at $2.16 a gallon; I was certain that by 5 PM gas prices would be stupid and rationing would have begun because OH SHIT WE'RE ALL DOOMED.


Anyway the latest step along the road of stupidity has been taken. On the plus side, "essential travel" is still all right, and since I'm "essential personnel" I can still go to work. We're also allowed to go get groceries and medicine, and gas stations will stay open.

The funny thing was the people on the news last night talking about how hard it was going to be for people to stay in and not go out and blah-blah-blah and I just laughed. Today I started saying, to the tune of the obvious song, "This is the dawning of the age of the introvert! The age of the introvert..."

Anyway I was wondering about this: A majority of Americans approve of Trump's handling of the China virus crisis. And then, quoth Ace,
You know what finding ABCNews decided was the big headline-worthy news?

Coronavirus upends nation, as three in four Americans' lives changed by pandemic: POLL
Of course! If that poll showed people were mad at Trump it'd be leading the news every fifteen minutes; but because people are encouraged by the President and his calm demeanor, and his effective and decisive actions, they bury it.

A bit later, Ace says, "I'm noticing that now that their latest attempt to drive Trump out of office has failed, the media are suddenly not being so blatant about trying to incite a panic." That's because the media thinks they still have credibility to salvage.

President Trump's travel ban to China was "premature" and "racist", remember? The Democrat-Media complex was all over that decision, at the time, as being overkill. Of course.

And of course they're all huge hypocrites.
Witness all the Media goofs who were throwing the term "Chinese coronavirus" around with wild abandon back in January. Back then, they were sure that Trump would be impeached--yes, they really believed that, with all their hearts and souls--so "Chinese coronavirus" was just a news item, something to generate a few clicks from the hypochondriacs. They never thought it would become a real issue, because hey, even if it was a lethal pandemic, a Democrat would be President, and so all would be well. (See also: the constant "everything's hunky dory!!" coverage of Obama’s various epidemics, including the millions of actual infections, and tens of thousands of actual deaths, from Swine Flu).
There's nothing surprising there. But the people are remembering these things.

Meanwhile China is lying its ass off and there's a very good chance that there have been a whole lot more infections, and deaths, over there than they're admitting to. (I agree, by the way, with the sentiment expressed in the first line of that post; I am not quoting it here, however.)
Most Americans are still ignorant of the horrors of the Great Leap Forward. Remember that Chairman Mao was responsible for the deaths of 45 Million Chinese citizens during his revolution. Keep in mind that the current government of China is a direct descendent of that government and that the current government has the same amount of respect for human life.
Understand this: China killed at least sixty million of its own people in its quest for perfect socialism. The government that is in power there now is the same one that murdered all those people.

Communists always lie, but especially when the truth makes them look bad.
Never, and I mean never, underestimate the evil, inhumane, mendacity of a communist country. There is absolutely no reason to believe anything they are saying, and what the truth is, is probably orders of magnitude worse than what we could possibly imagine.
And furthermore, here is something that is extremely, intensely interesting. China Mobile--the cellular carrier for China--reports losing some 8.1 million customers. Where'd they go? AT&T?

...that article is chock-full of allegations that China is lying about the status of the Wuhan virus there. Roads in Wuhan Province are blocked and factories have not resumed production.


* * *

Meanwhile, a common antimalarial drug and a common antibiotic, taken together, appear to knock the damned thing on its ass, so I'm no longer concerned about what will happen to me if I catch the thing. My main worry will be paying for the drugs.

* * *

I have to wonder--if circumstances had been reversed, would it have gone like this? Let's say that it's four years ago and Obama is still in the White House. A Republican Senator calls him up, and said, "Mr. President, I'd like you to invoke the Defense Production Act to help provide American hospitals what they need."

Do you think Obama would have leaned away from the phone and said, "Hey! Let's invoke the Defense Production Act!"

Or do you think Obama would have hemmed and hawed and then, once the call was over, said to his staff, "All right, the last thing I'm doing is anything that jerk wants me to do. But if we can make it look like it was my idea, maybe we can see about doing it in a limited way." Most of them would have nodded in agreement.

I'd bet money on it being the latter.

* * *

The REAL victims of the Chinese virus pandemic are the transsexuals, whose sex-change operations have been delayed so hospitals can treat Chinese virus patients. Yeah, all those people who are getting sick, and dying, they're not nearly as important as the transsexuals. Don't you reactionary nazis understand how critical it is for transsexuals to get their dicks lopped off?

I get it: they don't like their surgeries classified as "non-essential", but guess what: plastic surgery is always non-essential surgery. If you don't need it to save your life, it is NOT essential surgery.
Their surgeries--butcheries, really--are absolutely "non-essential" and so, through a complex process called "calling things what they are," have been deemed "non-essential."

I know that the idea of calling things what they are is anathema to some.
Let's face it: the people who claim that a woman can have a penis and testicles, and a man can have a vagina and give birth, these people are not really very strong on understanding the concept of an objective reality in the first place. Expecting them to understand that their sex-change operation is less important than saving lives is probably asking too much of them.

* * *

I paid $2.16 a gallon but I have to admit that $1.70 a gallon is much nicer.

* * *

I really like this idea. I like the idea of permanently barring illegal aliens from citizenship. I like the idea of tossing them out on their cans as many times as is necessary.

* * *

So, sheltering in place ain't going to be much of a problem for me. Kinda looking forward to it, really. Except I still have to go to the office. Heck, even if it was a general lockdown, as in "don't go ANYWHERE", I'd still have to log in and work remotely as best I could. *sigh*

Oh well. We'll do what we have to do.

Today, after about 2:30 PM, I had exhausted everything that needed doing. I was waiting for one computer to do things but otherwise had no pressing matters to accomplish. My queues are down to five incidents (four of which are on indefinite hold because of the "no offsite visits" rule) and two tasks. One of them is a duplicate but in two days of asking I have not gotten an answer from the person whether or not she actually needs TWO USB drives, or just one. The other one is basically a reminder to reclaim an intern's PC at the end of July.

So, nothing, nothing, nothing. I was so bored I was falling asleep and I'd run out of interest in smartphone games.

What did I do? I fired up Word and added maybe a page to Apocalyptic Visions. That took me neatly to 5 PM and so I was able to pack up and leave on schedule without falling asleep at my desk, which would be bad.

Of course, when the nonsense is over, you just know there's going to be a fuckton of shit I'm going to have to fix. *sigh* Well, guess I'll deal with that one when I get to it.

Right now, I'm going to try to relax a bit.

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