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#7075: The media world

"Half Of Americans Don't Trust Mainstream Media's COVID-19 Coverage" goes the headline. It's a story about a poll.

And this kind of story is why. Bloomberg's mouthpiece is saying that chlorquine, which has been demonstrated to be highly effective against COVID-19, is fatal "at just twice the daily recommended dose!"

I think this paragraph sums it up:
Giving twice the recommended dosage is bad? No shit? what part of recommended dosage you journalists did not fucking get? This a medication discovered in 1934 and has been in the market since which is a damn great banner indicating the medical community feels safe about the drug used in the established amount. And why you morons are not asking what the hell was China doing shoving contraindicated 2 grams of the medicine in their patients and killing them when it has been know for decades that one gram is the limit?
I'll do him one better. A common over-the-counter analgesic, Tylenol, is fatal in multi-gram doses. Take too much of that and you're dead.

It's nothing but scaremongering, trying to spin a positive news item as negative as possible, in order to make people panic over the epidemic and to make things as bad as possible, to give Democrats a hope of beating Trump in November.

Because--I can't stress this enough--DEMOCRATS WANT AS MANY AMERICANS TO GET SICK AS POSSIBLE. The higher the body count goes, the better their chances of unseating Trump are.

* * *

As usual, people are idiots. So, doctors and nurses in some hospitals aren't allowed to wear personal protective equipment why? Because it's scary to patients, that's why. Hospitals are firing personnel for taking reasonable and proper precautions against an infectious disease.

--firing personnel in the face of a looming pandemic. Oh, yeah, that's fucking smart.

Even better is the bit at the end of the article. Why aren't there enough test kits?
The U.S. government, from Secretary Azar to the President relied on the Centers for Disease Control to produce a test; they failed....CDC said they would handle it....What we have found out is that these leaders at the CDC lied to both the HHS secretary and, by extension, the President. And as a result the nation got weeks behind.
Those "leaders" at the CDC&P need to be fired and replaced with competent people.

I can't help the gnawing sensation that those idiots lied deliberately, to hamper the government's response to the crisis, and to make the President look bad. We've seen examples of this behavior elsewhere, and we know the left doesn't give a crap about human life, so I don't figure it's much of a stretch.

* * *

Second trip to the supermarket, second time I went into an aisle where Pepe Le Pew had just walked past, same situation almost exactly: one guy reeking like he scared half the skunk population in northern Illinois.

TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER for fuck's sake. Shit.

* * *

Went out yesterday to grab a few things from Menards that I've been putting off buying. Dropped $172, including $10 for Pepsi because they had it and it was on sale. Got back exactly at 5 PM.

Replaced the cold water hose for the washer because I need the cold water tap to pressure-test the long-delayed whole house filter manifold. Then I spent some time trying to touch up a solder job on the joint that was leaking and did a craptastic job of it. Still going to pressure-test it as it is and see if it's better or not.

But by the time that was done my back was screaming at me whenever I moved, so I decided to put that one off for a day or two.

Replacing that cold water hose took, of course, an act of Congress. The old one was rusted quite firmly to the tap, and because it's just sweated to the supply pipe and the copper piping is not secured to anything, the amount of authority I can exercise over it is limited. I finally took the old Dremel and cut slots in the screw-on hose fitting and peeled it back from the faucet enough to break the rust and allow me to unscrew it. New hose on, no leaks, and I can take it off to patch in the hose for pressure-testing the manifold.

All of that happened after I replaced the sockets and switch in the spare room, then put on the cover plates--which I've put off since when?--and then put the shelves back up. (I kept the shelves over the closets and the door, because the plan is to extend them around the circumference of the room at that height.) At least I'll have a place to put books again, and other smallish things which are not of immediate use. Also put the trim back on the closet door; recall that I removed the trim to fix the drywall between trim and the north wall of the room.

Looks like home improvement stores will also remain open during the crisis. But I don't expect to have a ton of spare time to do things, because my job is "essential"--which means even if the plant I work at has to shut down, I'm still going to have to log into my account from home and do what I can. They might even make me answer phones, in which case, "Where's my headset, bitch?" Good luck buying them right now since everyone and his cousin who can work from home has already bought them all.

* * *

Snowing today. First day of spring was this past Thursday. You know what that means!


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