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I could not blog yesterday. Variety of reasons, but after learning that the Democrats were trying to tack on all kinds of communist pork-barrel shit to the economic relief act I was just about apoplectic.

Surprised? No, not a bit. But disgusted and angry in spades, yes.

They were trying to cram the relief bill full of Democrat things, like mandating carbon offsets for airplanes, new subsidies for wind and solar power, new union negotiating rules, the $15 minimum wage, diversity requirements for the executive boards of corporations, "Reparations For Transgender Native Americans Affected By Climate Change", and a whole slew of other things that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with offsetting the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 quarantines.

In short, a Democrat's Christmas list of communist talking points.

Here's the theory: Trump's got to sign this thing, right? He's got to, because otherwise the economy is going to tank harder than it already has and he won't be able to win reelection. Everyone knows this! So we can fill it with all kinds of stuff we want and since he has to sign it, we win! And if he refuses to sign it, we still win!

"Loathsome toad James Clyburn admits as much by boasting that the virus gives his party a 'tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.'"
At the last moment, Malig-Nancy Pelosi, who is now arguably the most horrid human being in this country and among the top five in the world, has spit up a giant ball of virus-laden catarrh in the face of the American people by holding the emergency aid package hostage; an aid package that she, her cohort in evil Cuck Schemer and GOP leadership had hammered out and agreed upon over the previous few days.

Like the not-so-cunning stunt of ripping up the President's SOTU speech, this was also a premeditated act. Rejecting the Senate bill that she herself helped craft because it supposedly has secret codicils to help Trump and his advisors' businesses profit from it - a provable lie - she then magically whipped out a 1,400 page monstrosity that contains every Leftist radical policy wet dream that soaks the American taxpayer and derails the MAGA agenda. The calculus is that the American people, desperate for relief, will blame the President and the GOP for playing politics and prolonging their agony.
And after I learned of all this, last night, the last, final, remaining bit of civility I had in my body for the Democrats went up in a puff of smoke.

By doing this, the Democrats revealed themselves to be nothing but evil, greedy, power-mad psychopaths. "Evil" is not a word I throw around like confetti, but this move of theirs demonstrated to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Democrat party is evil to its damnable core.

I went to bed still seething over that. I should not have; I should have realized long ago that the Democrats--besides being lying hypocrites, cheaters, perverts, and general scum--will take any opportunity there is to increase their own power, and fuck whoever is hurt by it. The very fact that they want as many Americans to get sick from this thing as possible should have been enough for me to stop giving them that last little benefit of the doubt, and I should have gone to bed with a smile on my face, glad that my worldview was still correct.

But no, I let them lull me into a false sense of security. I saw how things were going in D.C. and thought, "Wow, it must really be an emergency, because they're working with Trump."


Well, that's not a mistake I'll make any longer.

The good news is, though, that today, Pelosi quietly shelved the procedural roadblocks holding up the Senate bill--the one without all the Democrat horseshit in it--and the House bill with it. And do you know why she did that?

...because I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that people from across the country, of all stripes, howled over their pusillanimous power grab. I bet the focus groups came back almost universally negative. I bet they looked at the polling data and realized, We don't have the juice to pull this off.

Those are the only sorts of things which would make them change their mind about such an egregiously evil attempt at gaming things to their advantage. This is an election year: the entirety of the House of Representatives is up for elections, and any Democrat that voted for that poisonous plague-infested rat-shit bill of theirs would just be giving his opponent a big free stick to beat him with.

I don't think they gave a single moment's thought to how bad that looked, stuffing the relief bill with a ton of Democrat talking points. I don't think it occurred to them that they would come off as arrogant, evil, power-mad sons of bitches. I'm sure they cooked up this shit, and then smugly patted themselves on the back, thinking about how they'd cornered Trump and now we have him! Because that's how politics usually work in Washington, D.C.!

But the thing is, politics as usual ended on November 8, 2016. The Democrats just don't seem to understand that. Through every last turd they've thrown at Trump, every allegation, every insult, every snide remark, every investigation, every hearing, ALL OF IT, Trump's poll numbers have done exactly the opposite of what they expected them to do. Just the threat of being impeached was supposed to bring Trump down--it did with Nixon!--and after three years' worth of investigations and a constant drumbeat of accusations of corrupt behavior, racism, sexism, bigotry, and anti-semitism, his numbers should have been in the dirt.

If it had been Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney or even Ted Cruz in that office, the Democrats would not be fronting Joe Biden, who seems to be confused all the time. They'd be fronting someone they actually want in the White House. Elizabeth Warren, maybe, or Kamala Harris. Because their shenanigans would have crushed the Republican's job approval ratings, and he wouldn't have a prayer of being re-elected.

Trump, however, does not play the stupid little games that the Washington, D.C. crowd play. He stands up and says "No" to them. He calls them out when they do something evil or stupid. He fires people who fail to meet his expectations. He fights back and doesn't pull that stupid moderate Republican "Well, we're above that kind of thing" shit which has let them be "Democrat Lite" since Reagan left the White House.

Trump has done more for the working people of the United States in three years than the Democrats and the GOP have in the last thirty. Going into the COVID-19 crisis, he's taken decisive and effective action which limited the spread of the thing through the US, and the people are supporting him to the extent that he just saw one of the highest job approval ratings of his presidency this week.

And the Democrats are grubbing around in the muck, trying to trip him up with their usual shitty, evil politics.

Well, it failed. Again.

It may be too much to hope for, but I really hope the people remember this shit come November.

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