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#7077: I don't know which is worse, the stupid people or the evil headline

The media blamed Trump for this. Short form: a man and woman put a teaspoon of chloroquine phosphate into a glass of water and drank it. One teaspoon each. The man died; the woman is in the hospital and is expected to recover.

Headline: "Arizona Man Dies From Chloroquine Overdose After Listening to Trump Coronavirus Press Conference".

This despite the fact that the package is FESTOONED with warnings, "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".
This woman finds an old bottle of stuff used to kill parasites in fish tanks, had a vague idea that it sounded like what Trump said on TV, and mixed an uncontrolled quantity in a glass, and she and her husband drank it with disastrous results.

That's not Trump's fault.

These people are fucking morons.
Could not have said it better myself.

...but the press needs to blame it on Trump, and it needs to try to deter people from asking for hydroxychloroquine, because it's been shown to be an effective treatment against COVID-19. The media needs there to be piles of bodies, because otherwise we might get Trump for four more years!

Then the press wonders why Americans don't listen to them like they once did. Shit.

* * *

Came home for lunch today and Jeep tried to die when I got into the driveway. Stumble bumble, not quite dying, but idling perilously low and close to dying. Revs okay, but drops right back down.

Tabling it, I had my lunch and then went back to work, having to juggle the throttle a bit to keep her running but otherwise not having any difficulty at all. It's like it would only die when I put it into park or neutral, which was extra-weird.

Came home from work and dug in. OBD2 dongle and the tablet reported that the throttle position sensor (TPS) was sitting at 20% when my foot was entirely off the gas pedal. With the thing floored (YES the engine was off) it said 80%.

Took it out, fiddled with it a bit, decided it would have to be replaced. Put it back in, hit O'Reilly's for a new one ($60) and then came home and put in the new one.

Idles smooth at 600 RPM just like it should. Tossed the old one into the trash, with prejudice.

* * *

This bit from Liberty's Torch didn't make it into the prior rant, but it's still worth reading if you want all the details of the pork shit the Democrats tried to cram up our butts.

* * *

Oh boy, look at this:

The Weather Underground page now has COVID-19 statistics.


* * *

A debt jubilee might just be a good idea. It's not something you do annually, but maybe every thirty or fifty years.

* * *

Maybe, maybe not. Vox Day makes all the right points in this bit. But one thing which is not presented in the Book of Revelations is a time scale. The events are all reported as happening in rapid sequence, but why does that necessarily need to be the case? It could take place over the course of a couple of thousand years.

The very nature of prophesy requires that it be opaque, because knowing the future changes it.

* * *

That's the second TPS I've put into that truck. *sigh*

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