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#7081: Leftovers

In the "things I don't think about" department:

There was a movie in 1982 called Timerider which was a pretty entertaining time-travel movie. Michael Nesmith--yes, the one from the Monkees--helped write the screenplay and he did the soundtrack for the movie.

I'm led to understand that, at the time, he had decided only to make music video, thus the soundtrack for the movie was not available. According to the movie's Wikipedia entry, the OST wasn't released until 2000.

...which is a crying shame. It is good music.

A few days ago it hit me that Amazon has just about everything and I wondered about an OST for Timerider, so I looked it up. To my surprise, I got a hit.

$127, used import CD, out of print.


Thus far in my life, the most I have ever paid for a single CD is about $45. That was for a Japanese import, an anime soundtrack I simply could not get any other way, in 1995. (A disk that combined the OSTs for Ranma 1/2 releases, I think the OVAs, but I can't remember.)

$127 is a bit much.

...but there was another option: there was a dual-disk release (also out of print) which was something like $80, and Timerider is one of the two disks.


I got spoiled by the Usenet, you know? It was pretty random, what you'd get, but if it were still accessible I'd wager that (by now) someone might have posted the Timerider OST to alt.binaries.mp3.soundtracks, you know?

Nesmith did some other movies: Repo Man, Burglar, and Tapeheads. I believe that he was no longer riding his "music video" high horse after Timerider but the soundtracks for those movies weren't nearly as good. Well--I never saw Burglar, but I didn't like Repo Man at all, and Tapeheads was merely "all right."

Well, that's entertainment, I guess.

* * *

Weird phenomenon Friday: with the temperatures in the upper 50s, I could see my breath on my way from my office to the Jeep. That's very warm for that to happen. I'm thinking "very high humidity" is the reason, but don't quote me.

* * *

We're now less than a week away from the premiere of Tales from The Loop, and I'm quite happy about it.

I thought Amazon was going to do a Ringworld series, but after the initial annoucement all news of it dropped off the face of the planet.

* * *

...was looking at this manga series, Ayame 14, over on Mangadex. Seemed to be pretty harmless "coming of age" stuff, maybe a bit heavy on "yuri". As it progressed the main character started thinking about her feelings for her friends, which should have been a clue; out of basically nowhere the main character had sex with her best friend, and then--in what turned out to be the final chapter of the series--all four of the lead characters had a 4-way lesbian orgy. The sex was largely alluded to, with very little of it taking place "on screen", but I nonetheless was all, WTF??? because it was so sudden, and not really foreshadowed at all.

Nuked too much, or not enough?

* * *

Woke up needing the can, feeling vaguely hungry. Decided on a PBJ and a Pepsi. This is what I do.

Still kind of cheesed off about how difficult that damned phone was being.

* * *

Menards only had incandescent bulbs in the size needed for the stove. (I say "stove" but I mean the range light, which is part of the under-cabinet microwave oven mounted over the stove.)

Whoever designed this thing was an idiot. The place where the bulb goes is perhaps 7" long, 3" wide, and maybe 1.5" deep. What did they do? Mount a single small bulb transversely in the center. Why have the damned light fixture be so big? Why only one socket?

And so you have to buy these weenie little bulbs that are only commonly available in 15 or 25 watt versions. You can only get a few months out of them before they blow, and they usually cost $3-5 apiece.

The ones I got from Menards were 40w and cost $2, which is an improvement on both fronts, but what I wanted was an LED bulb, because those last longer. FFS.

* * *

It's been an hour since I woke up. I think I'll go back to bed.

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