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#7084: This is why we distrust the press

Because reporters are self-important, egoistic, know-nothing shitheads who think the rules don't apply to them. The short form here is that space in the Florida governor's press conference was limited according to the guidelines emplaced by the CDC&P. A reporter from the Miami Herald thought this rule didn't apply to her. The result was that the Miami Herald put out this arrogant editorial claiming that by "shutting out" their reporter, Florida's governor "shut out all Floridians".

This is why the American people don't take them seriously.

* * *

Mom always used to refer to Pepsi as "[Fungus] Penicillin". I never really thought about it, but when we were kids and we'd get sick, one of the ways we were pampered was to be given an extra ration or three of soda.

The thing is, soda is acidic. And sometimes I wonder if my soda habit doesn't help protect me from crud solely because germs get into my throat, and then promptly get soaked with diet Pepsi or diet Mountain Dew. The only time I get sick is when I get something that isn't that fussy about low pH numbers.

* * *

At work, my direct supervisor is trying to get the on-site support people (like me) approved for a couple days of "work from home" per week, for the duration, solely as a de-stress thing. Some of my peers are talking about wanting "hazard pay".

Me, I'm fine with being paid my regular salary. I understand what makes me "essential personnel" and in fact it feels like of like a privilege, you know? To have someone say to me, "Okay, we've told about 80% of our personnel to work from home, but we need you to be in the office" seems like a pretty nice thing to be told. (It almost feels like job security.)

But the simple fact is, when you need someone to check out a network connection to see why it's not working, that's not something one can do by remoting into a computer. I can't image and ship a computer from home; the physical inventory is locked in the server room at the plant, and after it's been imaged it's got to be put into a box and a label has to be affixed to it.

So I go, and I don't mind.

* * *

Well, the majority of the bad weather passed us. The tornado watch quietly expired at 2 AM, and as for severe weather I didn't see a single flicker of lightning nor did I hear so much as a single rumble of thunder. It did rain a bit.

I'm just as happy.

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