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#7085: We're getting TWO this year!

Two Harry Dresden books, not one. Two books released a few months apart. Makes up for having to wait six years.

Pixy Misa leads with this awesome news and the upcoming Peace Talks has a friggin' trailer....

Then there's an interview:
Butcher explains in the interview that he spent three years trying to write this latest volume, and ended up with a 400,000 word first draft, before his editor suggested How about we make this two books? Which made a light come on, but he had to do a lot of rewriting to make each novel a reasonably self-contained entry in the series.
Other news: Dresden Files was meant to be a 20-book saga from the very beginning, which is excellent news for those of us who enjoy reading it.

I wish I could be as prolific. Then again, if my writing paid me as much as Jim Butcher's pays him, it's a lot more likely that I would be that prolific.

* * *

As tone-deaf as "let them eat cake". Millions of people are out of work because of this thing, so David Geffen made sure everyone saw that he's being "responsible" and self-isolating on his half-billion-dollar yacht.

What a dildo. Just goes to show, you don't need to be smart to get rich.

* * *

CBS creating fake news. I guess NBC subcontracted it or something. Anyway, CBS took footage of an Italian hospital and presented it as footage from an American hospital.

Back in the old days we referred to that as lying through their goddamned teeth but I don't think we're allowed to say that any longer, because some millennial commie shitstick might get his feelings hurt or something.

Of course they didn't go and say, "THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN IN AN AMERICAN HOSPITAL AND BOY HOWDY IS IT A MESS"--of course not. No, what they did was to have people talking about the situation in NYC and then overlay it with the Italian hospital video. This way they create an impression that things are more dire in NYC than they actually are. But if anyone calls them on it, they can say, "Well, we were just showing that, it wasn't meant to be bad, blab blab blbab, we're sorry that you're too stupid to understand that."

And then the American press wonders why people don't trust them.

* * *

Let this one's headline speak for itself: "Woman Who Gave Deadly Dose of Fish Tank Cleaner to Husband--and Then Blamed it on Trump--Is Prolific Donor to Democrats and Liberal 'Pro-Science' Causes". Well, of course she is!

I have to admit I thought of this angle myself, upon learning this:
It would be premature and irresponsible to call this a premeditated murder but on the other hand this is definitely a premeditated murder.

This woman despised the Bad Orange Man but decided to take his advice and dose her husband? And then go on a Media Tour denouncing OrangeManBad as being a Bad Orange Man?

How much you wanna bet that a little bit of investigation would disclose the couple fought a lot?

I don't buy it. This was murder, with a weird bonus motive of political propaganda.
I would not be terribly surprised.

* * *

Bob Dylan released a song about the Kennedy assassination, which happened 57 years ago. So that's like someone in 1963 writing a song about the great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906.

Baby Boomers: struggling to remain relevant since 70 became the new 40.

* * *

If I catch the damned thing I'm going to insist on being given hydroxychloroquine.
One understands that since President Trump touted the value of hydroxychloroquine, certain governors want to ban its use as a treatment.
...because Democrats want as many dead bodies as possible. The more deaths there are from this thing, the greater their chances of winning the elections this November.

Apparently hydroxychloroquine works as an ACE2 blocker; it interferes in the virus' ability to connect with the cells it wants to infect--and if the virus can't infect cells, then new viruses aren't being made, and the rate of virus replication slows to a point that the immune system can handle.

* * *

The real good news is that it's looking like the "social distancing" and the "shelter in place" stuff is having a positive effect. The velocity--the rate at which new infections occur--is slowing. If true, this is very good news.

More good news: I went to the grocery store this evening, after work, and was able to buy bread and toilet paper. Bread's been back for about a week now, but there was actually enough toilet paper still on the shelves for people like me to pick up a pack. It was perhaps two pallets' worth, spread across different brands and package sizes, but the aisle was not totally empty and that is also a very good sign.

...or else the market for toilet paper is just saturated right now....

* * *

NYC, though, is a royal mess. The people are not heeding the "shelter in place" or "social distancing" requests from their local governments, which is why NYC has basically become the Hot Zone for COVID-19 in America. It does not help that the mayor, what's-his-face-surprise-Biden-replacement, told people to "go on with their daily lives" rather than stressing how important it was that they stay home.

You know what? I still can't stand Pritzker, Illinoistan's fat tax-dodging governor, but I have to give credit where credit is due: he has stood up and attempted to lead during this crisis, and from what I've seen he's actually done something of a creditable job. Of course, an effective response to a pandemic is apolitical, and he's making apolitical decisions, which is why he looks so effective.

* * *

Economics are not taught in public schools mainly because it would get in the way of teaching kids how to use condoms and have anal sex and recycle and prevent global warming.

* * *

Meahwhile, out in LA-LA-LAND, woman makes masks that look like vulvas because sure, everyone wants to see female genitals all the fucking time.
I don't know if she was mentally unbalanced before becoming a Woke feminist or if becoming a Woke feminist made her mentally unbalanced. Either way, this woman is unhinged and the Coronavirus has revealed that she is even more unhinged than previously known.
Believe it or not, there is more to this world than genitalia and the various ways they can be stimulated. I know that comes as a shock to some of you.

* * *

That kind of makes me wonder. You know that old statistic, about how many murders a kid sees on TV before such-and-such age? These days I have to wonder how often kids see the expressions of various paraphilias on TV before such-and-such age. I have to believe they're about the same.

* * *

Just kind of a day today, I guess. March is nearly over; it will soon be April. But "social distancing" and "shelter in place" remain in effect for the time being.

Myself, I've been having anxiety: the "I can't catch my breath" kind I've talked about before, where it feels like I can't quite get enough air into my lungs, yet of course I'm sitting there breathing normally and not panting.

And the anxiety is made worse by the fact that apparently some COVID-19 patients present with low sO2 levels--like 75%!!--and "lack of dyspnea", meaning they're not panting or gasping or wheezing but they're also not getting enough air.

Full tab of Xanax last night and pretty soon the sensation went away, though. Woke up this morning and had it approximately three minutes after getting up, and didn't want to take more Xanax, so I suffered with it for rather a long time, until I got to work and got busy and then realized the sensation had disappeared.

Also not helped by the fact that I believe I've had some kind of bronchitis for a few weeks now--at least since late February. You'd think it would have gone away by now, but bronchitis can linger. And the last place I want to go is a doctor's office right now, FFS.

Oh well.

* * *

AND of course Jeep did the damned low-idle-try-to-stall thing. Well, resetting the computer, last time, was a stopgap; it worked this time, too.

Ordered a new IAC valve from Amazon because it was under $20. We'll see if that helps.

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