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#7089: Just maddening enough to drive me nuts

Jeep started and ran fine this morning. Got in to come home for lunch and it started and ran fine until I was about halfway home; then it tried to die.


Unplugged the computer while I ate lunch; and of course it ran fine all the way back to the office, and then to the grocery store, and then home again without so much as a hitch.

So, I got a little frisky. Normally, when I drive, I use 1/4 throttle, maybe 1/3 at most. I'm not someone who drives with his foot on the floor. On my way to the store, though, I took a couple of opportunities where the road was clear and stood on it.

The Jeep accelerated like a raped brontosaurus and it pulled like a freaking locomotive to 70 MPH before I ran out of nerve. (Speeding tickets are still a thing, you know. 55 zone.) Ran right up to the redline, 5500 RPM, without missing a beat, and hauled ass with righteous alacrity.

Og suggested "fuel pressure" and I'm not prepared to deny the possibility without testing it with a gauge, but these things tend to fall on their faces at high RPM if there's a fuel delivery problem, and if there was a pressure issue at idle, there sure as hell ought to be one at redline.

The most maddening thing about all this is that it runs perfectly--even when it's doing this nonsense!--while the truck is moving, and only falls on its ass when the truck comes to a stop. Like, the computer stops getting pulses from the vehicle speed sensor and says, "Okay, let's drop the idle into the freaking dirt."

...except that if you put her in neutral while moving, she'll do it, too. If the truck is operating in that "low idle" regime.

It doesn't seem to be lugging; the truck doesn't have any more forward pull than it does when operating normally. Most confounding, resetting the computer makes it go away for a little while.

But only a little while.

Tonight I am going to pull the negative cable from the battery and leave it off overnight. That should let the computer go 100% totally cold, just as effectively as the method I posted the other day will. (Finally saw a contrary opinion about that method today, after I tried it yesterday.) We'll see if that makes any difference at all.

If not? I'm running out of ideas. Considering that the truck has 205,000 miles on it, just about, it can't hurt to replace the various sensors. One theory I read said "intake charge temperature sensor". Another one said "O2 sensor". But even if I get no-name aftermarket parts from Amazon, at $15, $20 a pop, this will add up, and I dislike throwing parts at problems.

I just don't know what else to do.

* * *

Anyway, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT and Tales from the Loop is now available for watching on Amazon Prime.

Tonight I will watch it!

* * *

This actually happens, you know. It happens a lot to people like me.

* * *

Your Boeing 787 must be powered down completely every month or unexpected operations may occur. This is serious: it can't go more than 51 days without being totally shut down or else unpredictable things will start happening in the avionics.


* * *

It's logical but I don't buy it. I think there's a shortage of toilet paper because people are fucking idiots.

* * *

This coronavirus thing is really bad for Disney. Disney was already in trouble after spending all that money for Star Wars and then muffing it so spectacularly. But COVID-19 has forced them to close parks and even furlough workers and--if you aren't convinced yet that Disney has fallen on hard times--the executives are taking pay cuts, too.

Now, when was the last time executives at a major corporation took pay cuts? Usually they lay off people by the thousands in "hard times" and then they get huge bonuses for "cost cutting". I do not recall any other time that executives of major corporations actually took pay cuts because the company was hurting.

That makes this pretty freakin' spectacular.

I'm not one of those idiots who thinks that executives get paid too much, but I am one of those idiots who thinks that when an executive could take a 10% pay cut, still be richer than Croesus, and use that money to pay to keep all those people working instead of laying them off, then that executive is indeed being paid too much. I mean, unless he literally pisses water from the fountain of youth or something, he's overpaid.

But it is not for me to decide that, and that's fine with me.

WTF, GE executives are getting bonuses at a time when the company is hitting the skids. Do you think the guys who ran Sears into the dirt took a pay cut before the end?

So yeah, them taking a pay cut is a big deal, all right. Executive pay never gets cut until the circumstances are so dire that it's the only choice.

"Lee Iaccoca"--yes, executives voluntarily take no salary, from time to time, when they are trying to save a company from ruin. Iacocca still got stock options, though, and his non-salary compensation package left him much richer after Chrysler was saved from bankruptcy. This thing with Disney seems different to me.

* * *

If FDR faced a press corps that hated him as much as 2020's press hates Donald Trump.

* * *

Well, I do believe we're going to have a little warm weather this year after all.

Today it almost hit 70. Sunny and pleasant--when I needed a jug of diet Pepsi, around 2-ish, I took a circuitous route from my desk to the cafeteria specifically so I could go outside and get a little fresh air. Felt very nice to be outside without a coat on.

This weekend I'm going to go pick up a fuel pressure gauge, a 1/4" ratchet, and--maybe--a motorcycle lift, if they have them back in stock. We'll see. Otherwise, I'm going to stay home as much as I can.

Last weekend I did finally buy an oil filter wrench, at least, so I've got that going for me.

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