atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7094: For crying out loud--

Just when you think you're done, they go and pull you back in!

I just finished adding a few more pages to AV, and that spacewar that I thought I finished last night? Turns out there more to it! I've got three fleets all preparing for battle again!

But it really is coming down to the wire now. The bad guys turned out to have one more bolt in their quivers. The good guys are on the ropes but not done for. Things are looking grim but now is not the time for despair!

One day they may say that the strength of men has failed, but today is not that day. Let us ride for world's end! Once more into the breach!


But I promise that once this one's over, that'll be it for the light show and loud noises. I've got to put this thing to bed already!


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