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#709: I don't feel bad, yet I do--slightly

Apparently there's a new version of Flash Gordon on SciFi. Because I didn't see the first episode I'm not likely to try it. I dislike coming in in the middle. Unless I happen to catch the first ep when it enters re-runs, that is.

I never got into Stargate SG-1 because I sampled from the middle of the first season, and didn't like what I saw. That might have been different if I'd seen it from the beginning, but it's too late now.

Babylon 5 was on my crap list for most of the first season's first run because I saw some things I didn't like. OMG. But fortunately I figured out what was actually going on.

I happened to watch the pilot of Smallville and was hooked.

Battlestar Galactica is going to run a short miniseries, starting 11/24, to set up the 4th season, which (as I recall) begins in January. If I was in a hurry I'd just go find a torrent somewhere, but I'm not.

I watched an episode of House, MD tonight, the first new ep I've seen since this past spring.

I'm just not into TV all that much any more. I think I got my fill of TV when I was a kid, to be honest, because these days I watch virtually nothing. I just don't care about the hit TV shows because most of them are recycled crap which has the entertainment value of a piece of wet yarn. The shows which actually do new things rely on shock and "pushing the envelope" rather than telling stories differently.

99.997% of all sitcoms are not funny and use the same basic plots that Jackie Gleason et al used in the 1950s on The Honeymooners. The ones that didn't come from there came from I Love Lucy.

I feel slightly bad about not being interested in Flash Gordon, like I might be missing something worthwhile, but the odds are I'm not. Even SciFi's track record is like that. (I mean, come on: this is the network that gave us Mansquito. WTFF!)

Not watching TV greatly simplifies my life, because I have two or three shows I have to worry about instead of--like some people--desperately needing to know who got voted off the island or WTF-ever this week.

Three shows: Smallville, House, MD, and Battlestar Galactica (when it's back). I haven't even started worrying about the third season of Doctor Who and part of me just wants to go buy it on DVD and to hell with watching it on TV.

Torchwood lost me when I heard about the sexual shenanigans going on in that show. I don't watch SF to see "sexy". Doctor Who was never "sexy" and it was never supposed to be.

Come to think of it, I seem to recall someone in my blogroll having watched some of Flash Gordon and concluding that the series is a waste of time and effort. But I don't remember who said it or when, so I can't find anything to link. (If it's YOU, please comment and leave the link?)

* * *

I burned out on TV after my pubescent years. I watched Three's Company, M*A*S*H*, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Dukes of Hazzard, BJ and the Bear, and about 50,000 other incredibly lousy TV shows, and I watched them all the time, even when they were in reruns.

Well, it was before AlGore invented the internet, after all.

What else could I do? I didn't start writing until I was in junior high. I could read or I could watch TV. That was about it in those days; I didn't have anything else to occupy me on a continuous basis.

Because I watched so much TV in the heyday of network TV--back when CBS NBC ABC PBS were it--I really got sick and tired of seeing the same old crap over and over again. These days it's the same old crap with slick packaging and better sets.

Of course, the entire reason I could stand to watch those shows was that I was basically their target audience. All that crap was aimed at 11-year-olds, or at least at people with the intellect and emotional maturity of 11-year-olds. And it's not much better these days.

Oh well.

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