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#7095: The space war continues

And grand things, none of which I quite expected, are coming out of it. It's fun for me. I'm hoping the reader is going to be all, "OH FFS IT'S 2:30 AM AND I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!"

Well...because the other space war I was going to have just sort of fizzled out and went away, I need to deliver here.

* * *

"Grow the fuck up, princess," says Advice Goddess.
...I want a unicorn and a flying car to garage next to it, but for now, Gregg [her boyfriend] will pick me up in his motor vehicle and take me places. (My car needed to go in my ongoing effort to stay housed instead of doing my writing from a tent under a freeway underpass.)

There's a really cool way I get him to do this taking me places thing, and it's TO ASK: For example, "Honey, would you please take me to the bank to put in my checks on Monday night?"

This saves him the trouble and, heh, inventive labor of creating a mind-reading helmet out of tinfoil and LED lights so he can telepathically ferret out my desires.
If you want something done your way, you should do it yourself. I think it's fantastic that the woman's husband decided to clean everything himself, and if that woman had so much as one miniscule shred of gratitude in her she might have realized that. But what she's mad about is that he didn't do what she would do.

* * *

Absolutely nothing because "social distancing" is my default setting. "This is the dawning of the age of the introvert," after all.

* * *

Cue leftists screeching about the "fragile Lunar ecosystem" in five, four, three.... Especially the ones who were all for mining the Moon prior to Trump's executive order.

* * *

The entire first season of Picard is free to stream, and I don't give a rat's ass. Heh.

* * *

Sat down after worth with the copy of the Tales From the Loop book my wife bought me for Christmas in 2018.

Ep 5 of the TV series contained a scene which was right out of the book--right off the cover, in fact. A version of it, anyway.

I'm trying not to burn right through the extant 8 eps, so I'm limiting myself to 1 ep per sitting, and not watching one every night. Still, I am really happy with it.

Reviewing the book, I found that there is a version of the events of ep 2 in the freaking book, so I can't argue with it. Ep 3's events are not in the book, but if ep 2 is canonical, then there's no reason ep 3 can't be. The entire plot of ep 4 looks like it stems from one painting, but that's not at all a bad thing.

If they keep the series going like this, I'm going to be addicted to it for the entire run. Esp. if they add more seasons and they are this good.

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