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#7097: Guess what's next?? (SWEARING WARNING)

So it's not enough that the stores have bare shelves in them, that you need to go see a black-market dealer to get a fucking roll of toilet paper, and that we have to carry papers around with us authorizing travel, but now they're going to make us line up outside the fucking grocery stores.

Oh, and no shopping with your wife or anything. Nope! One person! One person goes into the store because they can only let a certain number of people inside, because holy shit we need to treat this fucking thing like it's the Wuhan Death Plague or something, and not simply something that's a bit worse than the seasonal flu.

Know what I heard today? Do you remember all the dire predictions about how there were going to be "two million dead Americans before this is over"? You remember that? Weellll, they revised the numbers a little bit, just a tad, to account for the latest data that's being collected that shows the thing being a bit less lethal than previously estimated.

Sixty thousand.

Okay? Current projections, the absolute best number they can come up with, which is two orders of magnitude smaller than their initial guess which was--at the time--their best guess.

60,000 is flu territory. And it's not because of "social distancing" and because they slammed the brakes on the economy, either.

Take a look at the numbers for Iowa, which did not lock down anything, and you'll understand the tale. They closed restaurants and bars, and suspended schools, but they didn't close "non-essential" businesses or emplace any "shelter in place" orders, and guess what? Their infection rate per capita is exactly the same as the rest of the country. Iowa's rate is the same as Illinois, which is right next door to Iowa. And we know what Illinois did.

By the way, same thing for Arkansas and Tennesee.

No, I'm done. This is bullshit and I am sick and fucking tired of it. I thought it was an overreaction to shut everything down, but I shrugged and said, "Just in case," but we now have hard evidence demonstrating that it doesn't make a damned difference so it is time to end this stupid shit and get the damned country running again.

But no: they're making the rules even more restrictive, so the elites can watch the news and laugh as the camera pans down the long line of proles, all wearing masks, waiting in line to get into the fucking grocery stores.

* * *

Let's let people go back to work and check their own temperatures, for fuck's sake. This is stupid.

Besides, all the fucking little Hitlers are coming out now and that's just what we don't need.

* * *

Those stupid Democrat fuckers don't even know how to wear their face masks.

Look at this shithead.

* * *

I wondered what those memes were about. Patreon is desperate for income so they're going to all the right-wingers they shit on and asking them if they want to come back to Patreon.

And of course the response is largely "LOL get fucked". "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Patreon can eat a bucket of dicks.

* * *

One of Larry Niven's earliest stories was a short story called "The Coldest Place", and it was all about how this guy was surviving his trip to the coldest place in the solar system...which was the dark side of Mercury.

At the time he wrote it, it was thought that Mercury was tidally locked with the sun, so one side always faced it, and one side faced away. After the story was accepted for publication but before it went to print, they found out about Mercury's inconvenient rotation and Niven thought he was going to lose the sale. But no, they printed it as-is.

Turns out there may be glaciers at Mercury's poles, though. So you could still set a story like "The Coldest Place" on Mercury, after all....

* * *

So many times I see an article that amounts to, "Behave like a civilized adult, and not a petty, petulant, whiny shitbag."

"A Request From a Grocery Manager" is one of those.

* * *

Speaking of shitbags, if any teacher ever gave me this kind of grief over my kids being able to read above their grade level I don't know that I'd feel I could be held responsible for what happened next.

My main sentiment is, "I'll raise my kids how I please; and if that means I've taught them to read better than do the ones you taught, that's your problem, not mine."

The sheer arrogance on display by these teachers is enough to make your blood boil. I don't dare read the article; just what I read there is enough to make me want to go out and start punching stupid people. That would only result in me going to jail, though, and it would not make anyone any smarter, so I must restrain myself.


I remember my kindergarten teacher being put out by the fact that I was able to read by myself. Then again, she was an evil person, so that's not all that surprising.

* * *

Well, I'm sure glad today is Wednesday, and I'm even more glad it's after 7 PM, because WHAT THE FUCK.

Work wasn't that bad; it was just all the shit after work that pissed me off this much.


No new AV pages this evening, sadly.

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