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#7099: It's intentional padding of the statistics

Why, it's a mysterious and coincidental decline in heart attack deaths. Did you know that? At the very same time we're having a pandemic, deaths by heart attack have fallen, and--

Oh, wait. I get it: someone has COVID-19 and has a heart attack and dies, they count that as a COVID-19 death rather than a heart attack death.

They're doing the same thing that anti-smoking zealots convinced them to do with smoking deaths. Jimmy Humdinger smoked two packs a day until he was in his thirties, but he quit smoking fifteen years ago. The other day, he had a heart attack and died. His death is counted as "smoking-related". That's the only way those folks can claim however many smoking-related deaths they claim occur. If you control for "people who quit smoking" the number drops precipitously. (Because while smoking is decidedly not good for you, it is merely a risk factor, not a cause.)

So let's look at the mortality statistics for the county that the Fungal Vale is in. They're saying that 46 people have died of COVID-19 in this county. But did those 46 people ALL succumb to COVID-19? Or did they merely test positive for the disease post-mortem? How many of them died and then were found to have had active COVID-19 infections?

If someone has the flu, and then gets shot in the head, we don't say he died of the flu, for fuck's sake. But that's essentially what they're doing here. They're pumping the numbers.

This isn't science. This isn't statistics. It's lying.

It's an out-and-out lie.

And by the way, let's discuss the fact that so many people have antibodies for this thing.
A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital said Thursday that 30% to 50% of patients tested for the coronavirus have antibodies while only around 10% to 20% of those tested have the active virus.
If you have antibodies but not virus, that means that A) you contracted the disease, and B) you got over it.

The thing is, this information indicates that if we had done nothing--no shutdown, no "shelter in place" none of the stupid crap we're doing--we would have seen exactly the same mortality (however you care to count it) but we also would have gained "herd immunity". By shutting down when we did, we interrupted the natural process for disease propogation through the infectable population, put a stop to naturally-acquired herd immunity...and we did not save so much as one life in the process.

* * *

The Daily Telegraph fisks commie bullshit and calls it out on being commie bullshit.

* * *

This pretty well encapsulates the Democrat-media response to this thing.

* * *

It's important to understand that everything we do has an economic component.

I'm not kidding: there is not one single thing humans do which does not involve economics one way or another. And not to put too fine a point on it, but economics is the study of scarcity, not money.

* * *

It is not cheap...yet. It takes a pretty high-zoot laser and it needs to be tuned to a specific wavelength, but damn if it doesn't yield effective, pretty, and fast results.

This is the first time I've seen one of these demostrations without a music overlay. The sound is really cool. What you're hearing is the sound of the rust and other junk vaporizing--the laser itself is silent. The light given off by it is emitted by the vaporizing junk; the laser beam is invisible.

The most entertaining thing about this is how those noises sound like something from a 1960s sci-fi movie where someone uses a laser to do something. Who could imagine those guys were right?

* * *

Did not sleep well last night. Anxiety, coupled with Xanax, coupled with wife waking me up because my snoring was waking her up, so I went and slept on the sofa for a good three to five hours solely so she could sleep. But sofa is less comfortable than bed and I didn't sleep all that well.

Today's main tasks are to pay the bills and to cut the grass. The back yard is swampy but the east 40 needs it and so does the front yard. But the "cutting grass" thing will need to wait until this afternoon, when it's supposed to be warmer than it is now anyway, because I really want to get a nap. And there's no reason for me not to take one. Ha!!!

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