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So, Village Hall is closed because COVID-19 and of course it is. Water bill due Wednesday and Village Hall is not likely to be open by then because the stupid and useless "shelter-in-place" garbage continues through the end of the month.

$9 fee, on top of the bill itself, to pay the bill electronically.


* * *

YouTube underwent a redesign a month or two ago and the new version stinks.

* * *

I was just thinking about Mazes and Monsters the other day and here it is on YouTube video. (Linked instead of embedded for several reasons, not the least being that it's 1.5 hours long and the encoding doesn't play nice with Pale Moon.)

Yes, it was the result of the big "D&D is SATANIC!!!!!11oneone" scare in the early 1980s

If I were Tom Hanks' agent, I would keep a couple of things on hand to make sure the guy didn't get too big a head. The first would be a clip from his appearance on Happy Days, in which he played a guy with a black belt who was challenging the Fonz to a fight over a long-held grudge. The second would be a movie poster for that movie.

...though, to my surprise, they are contemporary with his stint as a main character on Bosom Buddies. Half-hour sitcom, ran a good two years.

I watched M&M the first time it was televised. It was in the early 1980s. My friends and I--into D&D--all watched it together, and when it was over we universally thought it was a huge pile of horseshit.

Oh well.

* * *

The other day I fitted the replacement fuel petcock to the motorcycle's fuel tank. It fit perfectly and looks great. Test-fitted the tank to the bike and it looks as if it'll work fine.

Now if I can just get the damned carbs off, I can clean them, and maybe ride the thing. Once I get it plated and insured again. *whimper*

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