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#710: Anime roundup again. (And my own "doujin work".)

Doujin Work is worth looking at. As of episode 9 (with only a few left) I find myself wanting to see a lot more of it. That's not going to happen, of course.

Pretty Cure surprised me. They killed off the last thug and got all 7 Prism Stones, and there are 22 episodes left in the series! Now they're preparing to fight the Dark King, the big bad guy--and I'm thinking, WTF, this is the kind of fight which goes at the end of the series, not in the middle.

Of course Cardcaptor Sakura "finished" the story with about 20-odd episodes left in the series, and there turned out to be a perfectly viable story after the first conflict was resolved. There are plenty of things that Nagisa and Honoka could have to do in order to finish what they started.

And I'm down to the last two episodes of Seto no Hanayome, damn it!

I'm going to be giving Kaze no Stigma a try. Besides that, I've got the second season of Amanaideyo!, El Cazador de la Bruja, and 32 episodes of Hayate no Gotoku! So I've got plenty to keep me occupied until the current season has run its course and I can watch Blue Drop, Mokke, Bamboo Blade, ef-a tale of memories, Goshuushou-san Ninomiya-kun, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, Minami-ke, Ren----LOOK IT'S A LOT, OKAY?? OKAY?????

I don't want to be sitting there and hanging on each new release like I was for Lovely Complex and School Days. That latter case sucked when I had to wait an extra two weeks (or however long it was) to see WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! I can be plenty patient but I don't deal well with sudden changes to the scheduling. If you say, "Tune in next week for the shocking conclusion!" you had better fricking run the damn thing "next week". Otherwise I start thinking about ways to pound you so hard it causes global cooling.

* * *

All through the last 5 episodes of Tokimeki Memorial I kept finding myself resorting to this joke: "Now cry."

Oh, Sayuri hasn't given her chocolate to Aoba! Oh, he's moving away! Sayuri is unhappy! Now cry.


* * *

I really hope I get some drawing time in this year at the warehouse. Doujin Work has, for some reason, really given me the itch to draw something.

Comic Party didn't do that. Of course there was the several-episode hunk of poo right in the middle of the series where I just wanted to beat the everloving piss out of what's-his-face because he was such an effing moron. *sigh*

To make matters even more entertaining, I finally found the original layouts for Magical Angel Selene. (MAS) This is astounding. It's a little steno pad from 2001 which contains the character designs and some other important stuff. There's also this little bit of script in the back:

Christie: I thought you said I'd have help!
Margoth: (her guardian angel) Actually, what I said was that you wouldn't be alone.
Christie: What? Chuck? [Chuck's the main character] Chuck is useless!
Meanwhile, in another room Chuck sneezes and someone asks him if he's getting a cold...

I laughed out loud at this. I had completely forgotten about that exchange.

The layouts contain some really nice work, and I'm eager to either get my scanner working or to get a new scanner, so I can pull them onto the computer and do things like enlarge, clean up, etc, etc.

Looking at the art--which is six years old!--I realize that my current level of artwork isn't all that much better than it was. I mean, there are some basic mistakes in the artwork for MAS, but most of them are correctable.

Of course, in 2001 I was spending a lot more time drawing than I am these days. I did a lot of work in the studio (spare bedroom) I haven't had since April of 2002; I drew when I was playing D&D and waiting for my turn "on deck". I drew a lot, a lot more than I draw now.

The fact that I can get back to where I was in 2001 pretty easily, with a couple hours' worth of practice, is encouraging to me. If I would just take this shit seriously--at least, more seriously than I do now--I could be a force to be reckoned with. At least I could be drawing some rather nice manga, damn it.

I will never be a professional-quality artist, but as long as I can get the art to look good enough not to set off my "crap detector" it will do. (Just so I don't put my art next to someone who's actually good and get depressed....)

Of late I've given serious thought to having the girls from SubaruCo show up in Megumi's Diary instead of making a seperate series about them--but that's not really all that great an idea, because I know those girls: they'll take over. Sayoko was in the process of taking over American Dawn before I got stuck, and there's fricking seven girls like her in SubaruCo. They'd own Megumi's Diary inside of three chapters, for crying out loud.

Also, now that I think of it, I think Megumi's bra is a G cup, not an E. "E", in Japan, is the same as the American "C" cup now. So I'm trying to decide whether to use a Japanese cup size ("G") or American ("DD"). Either way, Megumi is extra-fluffy. (Now cry.)

And "104G" just has a ring to it.... (For the record, that would translate to 41DD. Yow. That may be a bit too big. Dolly Parton was 44DD for years and we saw what she looked like. Not that it was bad, but for a 17-year-old Japanese girl maybe 97G would be better; that would still be 38DD in America....)

(But Yukari Ootani in Momoiro Sisters has a 103G bust size, and it was nice. Heh.)

When I went to the Philippines, on the flight from Chicago to LA, I got to draw a few pages of Megumi's Diary, and I was pretty pleased with how they came out. But that was all the drawing I did on that entire trip, and I haven't done any since.

There's a scene in Doujin Work where a character's art is criticized: she's drawn every face exactly the same way. As a sign of how insecure I am, I couldn't resist digging out Megumi's Diary to confirm that I didn't draw like that. (I don't.)

Geeze, I'm a weenie.

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