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#7104: He is risen!


* * *

Just put in a ham. Two hours from now, I'll put in a pot of scalloped potatoes alongside it. A bit less than three from now, asparagus goes into the pot. 5-ish: a good Easter dinner.

Made lemon cake for dessert--nothing fancy, just a 13x9 cake with frosting--but it'll taste good enough.

* * *

It sure was nice to have a 3-day weekend, and I've needed that break, psychologically. I don't know: the pandemic is annoying and our government's response it is typically incompetent. The disruptions are nerve-wracking and the dire predictions do not help; the new rules (wear a mask! wait in line to get into the store!) are manifestly useless, and on top of all that I've had this damnable chest cold since early March, so I sit in my office with the door closed, coughing, wondering if people are worried that I've got THE VIRUS, etcetera.

Hearing stories about local governments violating the Constitution wholesale--I really hope those violations result in expensive civil penalties for them. The government does not have the authority to shut down church services, particularly when the services are held in accordance with the "social distancing guidelines" that they're treating like federal regulations.

Every two-bit Hitler with a badge is out enforcing those "guidelines" with all the "respect mah authoritah!" they can muster. when it came time to go out, yesterday, I decided against it. I thought, "You know what? I'm staying home and relaxing." Wife decided she wanted to go out; I got ready, then she changed her mind, and to be honest I'm just as happy about it all. The government bullshit is making everything an exercise in anxiety, even the simplest trip to the grocery store.

Anyway, all the doomsayers and the Blockwarts and the blood-dancers are trying to make hay out of this thing, and they'd better be right about how bad it is--because if they are not, then a hell of a lot of people are going to be very, very angry at them.

I'm praying that when this is over we don't return to "status quo ante". I could handle all this stupidity if it meant the stupid shit they've been shoveling at us is discredited, like the "that man is a woman because he identifies as one" crap.

Or even some of it.

* * *

Well: tomorrow is Monday, and the next holiday on the calendar is Memorial Day. No Indy 500 in May this year--they'll hold it in August--and that's a good six weeks from now. If the coming week is anything like the one just past, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

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