atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7107: Snow? Seriously?

Yep! Woke up this morning to a white world, all grass covered but pavement just wet. It was still snowing as I drove to work, too.

I don't recall the latest it ever snowed here but April 15 must be pushing it. It's not a record. Maybe if we get snow in May but I wouldn't count on that, either.

* * *

Well, this model shows that "social distancing" DOESN'T MAKE A DAMNED BIT OF DIFFERENCE so can we please reopen the damned country and get everyone back to work?

Of course not! Having 14 million unemployed people works in the Democrats' favor, and they don't give a wet shit about the people they're hurting in the process, because THEY'RE EVIL!

This is how evil they are. Talking down a life-saving treatment solely because a President they don't like advocated it.


* * *

Why is the Senate doing this when the Republicans have a majority? Mitch McConnell has some explaining to do.

* * *

"Upscale gay bath house" possibly near Hyde Park area in Chicago is where Jussie Smollett supposedly had sex with the man who he paid to attack him. "It's known as a bathhouse where a lot of affluent black gay men hang out."

"Eh?" You ask. "Why 'Hyde Park'?" Hyde Park is very close to the Obama home. Have to wonder if Obama and Reggie Love, his "body man", ever had occasion to visit...?

Places like that, discretion on the part of the staff is part of the reason the membership fees are so high.

* * *

Jeep continues to vex me.

There is what I think is a Grand Cherokee at a used car lot near the bunker (not the one I got my current Jeep from) which is from the generation that went from around 2006 to 2014-ish. They're not asking a lot for it, but the price is in line with what other examples from that era run, and from the roadway it looks to be in moderately decent shape. Figuring it for maybe a 2007 model.

...and I could not find out what axle is the default axle for the thing!

What I do not want is to buy a front-wheel-drive SUV that activates the rear axle when 4WD is engaged. I want a truck, with rear-wheel drive, that brings up the front wheels when necessary.

But try as I might, I could not find out which axle is the power axle in the 2WD version.

I could stomach paying $3500-$4000 for one of these things, especially if it had the kind of longevity that my Cherokee has had.

On the other hand, I like the Cherokee a lot, because that straight six is least, when the fuel injection system isn't having kittens. And if the damn thing would just throw a code I could fix it. It's impossible to diagnose this kind of intermittent failure without some kind of diagnostic information, and all I have is the symptoms.

More frustrating, I am still waiting for the IAC valve and MAP sensor that I ordered from Amazon in the first fucking week of March. Monday, I ordered--from Amazon--a new suction cup for Mrs. Fungus' GPS. That came today. Before noon, even. Where the hell are my engine parts?

Since fixing that vacuum leak didn't help, I am back to "MAP sensor or IAC issue" but I can't check that without the parts, and I am not going to go buy them from a car parts store and pay $80 apiece for them when I'm not sure either one is the problem. I did that with the TPS, paid $60 for the damned thing.

Though: as I was pulling into the driveway, it started to stumble and shudder while the Jeep was idling but still moving and in gear, which is a departure from its prior behavior. Before that, it would be perfectly normal until the Jeep came to a complete stop, at which point it would start to stumble etc.


* * *

But, never mind that right now. It's Wednesday night, and I'm going to wash dishes and play some WoW, in that order.

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