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#7109: Spaceship in the dark

Know what's on Amazon Prime right now? Project A-ko!

Anime movie from 1986, which I rented from Blockbuster in 1994 and have seen countless times since...but have not watched in at least eighteen years. My copies of it are a) VHS and b) LaserDisk. So, yeah.

Wikipedia for the description but there are spoilers.

The dub is really good. They got the perfect voice for B-ko. Denica Fairman played her in this one, and she has a perfectly cultured voice, just what you'd expect from the ultra-rich bad girl.

Of course, for the next three OVAs in the series, they changed all the voice actors. Who played A-ko? Teryl Rothery, AKA "Kodachi Kuno" from Ranma 1/2. Who plays B-ko? Venus Terzo, AKA "Ranma Saotome (girl) from Ranma 1/2. Who plays C-ko? Cathy Weseluck, AKA "Shampoo" from Ranma 1/2. So instead of A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko, I'm hearing "Kodachi", "Ranma", and "Shampoo", because these people used almost exactly the same voices. (Oh--and Robert O. Smith, "Genma Saotome", also showed up.)

The latter three OVAs are inferior because of this. The people I just listed are capable voice actors, but their voices were wrong for these characters.

* * *

I fixed that graph for y'all:

You're welcome.

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