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#7110: Snow again

Well, they said we got around 4-ish inches of global warming today. All I know is, I got up and it was white outside again.

It's all pretty well melted off now. 55 is tomorrow's projected high, which is good since I want to replace the Jeep's crank position sensor if I possibly can.

* * *

Trying a new pair of headphones. Skullcandy Ink'd with a microphone. The package doesn't list the frequency response of the headphones unlike the ones this pair replaces. It does not seem to have the bass response of the older versions.

Why am I replacing them? Why, because Maki decided that yet another pair of headphones would make the perfect frigging midnight snack, that's why!

The pair before the prior one, I left on the coffee table for five f-ing minutes and came back to find them chewed apart. I don't remember which day it was this week but I found the last pair in pieces on the floor of the computer room. He'd gone up onto the desk, taken them from where I've kept them for longer than he's existed, and chewed the damned cord in two.

I am now keeping the headphones in a chewing gum box. Oh, the irony, that I'm using a chewing gum box to prevent them from being chewed on. *sigh*

The deceased pair is going to get soaked overnight in the hottest hot sauce I can find, allowed to dry, and then will be left on my desk where they were previously. Better that he gets a taste of habanero death pepper sauce than a taste of electric current.

In 1998 or 1999, I came home from work one evening to find her all upset and cuddly and never figured out why...until some time later when I tried to turn on the lamp at the end of the sofa that I rarely turned on, only it wouldn't. Fiddled with the plug and then discovered all the kitty teeth marks in the plug and the exposed copper wiring where she'd chewed right through the cord. Strangely enough, Luna stopped chewing on electric cords after that. Nothing had worked, though; I'd used bitter apple and hot sauce and repeated scoldings and she went right on chewing on the things, until she got a jolt of 110v AC right through her mouth. It could have killed her. Or it could have started a fire. Or both.

I'd like to spare Maki that lesson, if I can. Also, I don't want to keep buying new headphones. These things run a minimum of $15 a pop, FFS.

* * *

So, guess what?

COVID-19 infections are actually something like 50-80 times higher than previously expected. You know why? Because so many of the infections result in no symptoms, that's why.
Based on the initial data, researchers estimate that the range of people who may have had the virus to be between 48,000 and 81,000 in the county of 2 million--as opposed to the approximately 1,000 in the county's official tally at the time the samples were taken.
Understand this: if that's true, if there really are just 48,000 people who had the thing in that one county, then what's the death rate?

Apply that multiplier to, say, the county that the Fungal Vale is in. Offical estimate is 1566 cases. That means some 75,000 people in this county have been infected. 90 deaths attributed to COVID-19 means the death rate is 0.2%. Not two percent but two tenths of one percent which is an order of magnitude lower than the current estimate. Making this thing about fifty times less lethal than the flu that no one ever worries about.

All of this means that everyone panicked over nothing.

Other studies are showing much the same thing. "Of the 397 people tested, 146 people tested positive. Not a single one had any symptoms."

It's nothing but a scare.

Let's be extra-generous. Let's say the multiplier is only 24, rather than 48. I'd be justified in saying it's 64 (since the range is 48 to 81, and the average of those numbers is 64.5) but let's just say it's 24. Okay? Florida has 668 deaths out of 23,340 cases. 24 times 23,340 is 559,296. 668 deaths divided by 559,296 is...0.11%.

Okay? That's the number I got for my county here in Illinois and I rounded up to 0.2%. And for IL I used 48 as my multiplier...meaning that if we want to compare apples to apples, then the death rate in FL is actually half that of IL's: 0.06%.

This is not a plague. It's a mild cold.

But the government is taking every chance it can to clamp down on our civil liberties. "Wear an arm band to go outside"? I've got five words for you: FUCK YOU! THIS IS AMERICA.

People are getting sick of the shutdown. They are getting extremely sick of this utterly useless and unnecessary shutdown. They're sick of the would-be totalitarians doing things solely because they can.

This has an extensive transcript of what Limbaugh was saying and in fact he's been saying these things all along.

All of this is going to have two big effects. First off, it's going to make people mad. Democrats hope it's making them mad enough to vote against Trump, but I'm not sure that's going to be the case when you have Nanci Pelosi posing in front of her pair of $12,000 freezers stocked with boutique ice cream, and the governor of Michigan banning--by executive fiat--the sale of gardening supplies, and police arresting married couples for sitting too close together on park benches. You know?

But second--and worse--is when a real plague comes along, something that's actually dangerous, something that we need "social distancing" and "shelter in place" to prevent, people aren't going to believe it.

* * *

Asians in general are extremely racist. Actually, asians are typical people who prefer their own kind, the same as every other last color and creed in the world. And in general they never really had black slaves, so the whole "legacy of slavery" thing doesn't work on them at all. It doesn't apply to them. You can't go to a Japanese man living in Japan and tell him, "Your country is prosperous because you had slaves!" and expect any reaction other than a belly laugh. The idea is utterly farcical anyway--America is not the richest country in the world because of slavery--but Japan never had plantations of black slaves picking cotton or doing anything, and the country was essentially flattened after WW2 was over anyway.

Let's face the facts here. A common leftist canard today is that America is rich because it employed slaves for the first couple hundred years of its existence, first as colonies of England and then as an independent nation.

PBS says, "Only a tiny percentage of the 12.5 million Africans shipped to the New World landed in North America." But let's say all 12.5 million Africans that were taken and sold into slavery ended up in North America, in the south, working on plantations. 12.5 million people!

Be generous and say the average wage in 1860 was about $600. Okay? And to be extra-extra generous, let's say that all 12.5 million slaves existed in 1860. Average lifespan in 1860 was 45 years--let's say 50, and further say that slaves were expected to start working at age 10, so they had 40 productive years.

Making all these extremely generous assumptions, then, we can calculate an approximation of slavery's contribution to the wealth of the United States.

12,500,000 x 40 x $600 = $300 billion in 1860 dollars.

Okay, that's a respectable number.

The current net worth of the entire United States is approximately $123,000 billion, $123 trillion. The economic contribution to that, adjusted fo inflation, is $8,649,666,757,432--let's say $8.7 trillion.

$8.7 trillion in 2019 dollars versus $300 billion in 1860 dollars. But the total contribution of slave labor to our current net worth is barely more than seven percent of the total. Remember, we're talking about economic output rather than money, here (because the slaves were not paid wages) and economic output can't be invested, saved, loaned, or borrowed against. It just is.

It might be different if the slaves came from Africa each in a ship loaded with treasure--but that didn't happen. And the actual number is lower because the slaves:
1) Were not all brought to the USA
2) Did not all live in 1860
3) Did not all produce their economic output in 1860
4) Were not skilled labor and so had a lower economic output than the median income
5) Presented an economic cost of ownership (food, shelter, clothing) that offset their output
It's not easy; it's messy and complicated, but the fact is that America's $123 trillion net worth has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the "legacy of slavery".

When someone gets up and starts talking about reparations, the answer is to explain to them that being born in the richest and most free country in the world is their reparation. Because you've never been a slave, and the people you're demanding money from never owned slaves. Get over it.

...and so, no--the Chinese woman putting her black boyfriend into a washing machine and having him come out Asian is a joke, not racism in action. Our culture needs to regain its sense of humor.

* * *

Anyway, it's finally Friday and I can relax, so I'm trying to do so. Whee!

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