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#7116: Well, it's been here longer than we thought

This explains everything. We have two studies showing that the number of infected are probably 50x the known cases; and the first Wuhan virus death in the US occurred in early February. Furthermore, Sweden did not try to "flatten the curve" and they're doing fine--their hospitals were not overwhelmed.

This is the China News Network and has an autoplay video but it indicates "community transfer" of the virus much earlier than previously suspected, and in fact may mean the thing was in California (at least) in January, or even earlier.

Anecdote: Larry Correia was saying on his Facboob page that had some kind of wicked cold/flu/thing hit his household in January, and now he's wondering if it wasn't COVID-19.

Facebook post showing an image from the Babylon Bee translating various COVID-19-related memes for your convenience. Such as, "I'm worried about the economy!" translates to "I want people to die," and in fact anything other than meek acceptance of government control does so as well.

It's also posted here if the Faceboob link doesn't work for you.

* * *

Out: "learn to code"
In: Get an "essential" job.

It's always so easy for elites to dismiss the concerns of the rest. Marie Antoinette found out what happens when elites do too much of it.

"Hey, I realize that your degree is in east African history and the only thing you can do with it is serve drinks, but...go out and start fixing cars, or something. Yeah."

There really are two sets of rules, or didn't you realize that? George "the Shrimp" Stephanopolous has tested positive for COVID-19 but he's not quarantining himself or anything, no! He's too important to sit at home doing nothing for three weeks, so he's going out and about and spewing virus all over everyone he comes in contact with.

That just tells me that this thing isn't the big deal we're being told it is, not when we have upper-crusty asshats with confirmed COVID-19 infections ignoring the "social distancing" and "shelter in place" rules.

Either this thing is a big deal, or it's not. If it's not a big deal, stop acting as if it is.

And, by the way, speaking of hypocrisy, As expected, muslims are exempt from the rules used by various municipalities to shut down Christian and Jewish services.

* * *

By the way? If the mask is not covering your nose, as well as your mouth, you might as well not bother wearing one at all.

* * *

That clip of Nancy Pelosi with her $12,000 refrigerators stuffed with $9-per-pint ice cream really exemplifies the utter lack of perspective that our self-styled leaders have. I can't imagine how she could think that was a good idea, showing off her millionare's kitchen with hyper-expensive appliances chock-full of luxury a time when twenty million Americans are out of work.

* * *

COVID-19 has, hopefully, reminded us of what is actually important. It'd be nice if this article were prescient.

* * *

I was going to comment on never having heard of this brand of clothing but then I found out why I have never heard of it: apparently there was a website "offering the shirt for $60,..."

$60 for a long-sleeve t-shirt. Uh. No.

The shirts I wear to work cost about $8 apiece. I could buy seven of these for the price of one of those stupid things. I don't buy expensive clothing. There's no reason to--the $8 shirt covers my upper body just as effectively as the $50 one does, and I don't have to worry about getting it dirty.

Of all the things in the world that make absolutely no sense to me, it is the market for designer clothes that seems the most idiotic. Whether your shirt says "Armani" or "So-and-so" on the label, if it fits right and is comfortable there is no functional difference whatsoever. The Armani shirt probably costs $200 (or more) but it doesn't confer immunity to gunfire or anything, so why? You pay for that little tag that says "Armani" that no one can even see.

* * *

Patreon and Kickstarter are reaping what they have sown. "Crowdfunding" services, both of them, who started refusing service to people who were not politically correct (meaning, "people who might have voted Republican") are now finding out that the stance that works fine during a major economic expansion don't quite work during an economic contraction.

Whoever had the idea to reach out to people who were previously ejected from their client list, asking them to use their service again, was a complete moron.
I know plenty of people that got hamstrung by these two companies for Thought Crime.

And it was nothing short of hilarious when the same people they banned suddenly started getting emails from Patreon saying in effect, "Come back to us! All is forgiven!"

After boggling at the tone-deaf hubris, they all started rolling on the floor laughing. Before yelling, "fuck you" at Patreon.
"Fool me one, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

You guys made your bed. Lie in it. Enjoy it, secure in the knowledge that as your companies go under, at least you denied a platform to "nazis".

* * *

Muscle relaxer last night because my back was screaming at me after I had a lung-busting coughing fit at work. Still feel kind of jammed up in my bronchial tubes, and I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't in fact go see a doctor and get checked out. Maybe get some inhaled steroids or something to help clear this up.

Back hurts almost entirely because of coughing. This has been going on since early March. Getting a bit sick of it, in fact. *sigh*

Anyway, came home from work and flopped. Tomorrow is another one!

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