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#7117: Well, I think that might be it

Replaced the IAC valve on Monday, and it hasn't hiccoughed even once since then. Idles right around 550-ish no matter how long I've been driving, and Monday's lunchtime was the only time this week I've touched the computer.

Maybe--hopefully--that was it. I've still got the option to do the crank position sensor if need be, though.

* * *

So, Illinois has extended the lockdown to May 31 and we are now required to wear masks in public, starting May 1.


This thing isn't even as deadly as the flu, as the studies done in California demonstrate. We're ruining the economy over nothing.

You can walk on the trails, but you can't ride your bicycle on the trails because everyone knows that riding bicycles is a how the coronavirus spreads.

In actuality, this is just the government saying, "Because we can, that's why, prole! Now shut up and obey or we'll have the police arrest you."

That's what this all comes down to. They put these edicts in place--they're not even laws!--and if you do not obey, the police will arrest you. If you resist, they will kill you.

This is not freedom. This is a police state.

It's not about health. It's about control. The leftists want this to go on as long as possible in order to get people used to letting government push them around. ANd let me add one to that list: "When churches and synagogues are closed but mosques are open, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH."

We are being treated as subjects, not free citizens.

OPEN NOW. Stop the shutdown.

"They have the idea that because they live together, the orders don't apply." RESPECT mah AUTHORITAH, you peons! I'm the POLICE and I say, "GET YOUR ASSES SIX FEET APART!"

Illinois is also faking numbers to make its edicts look better.

And by the way, did you see that in New York state paramedics and "first responders" are now no longer allowed to perform CPR or do other life-saving procedures? You can't defibrillate or anything. If you show up at a scene and the patient is dead, you're not allowed to rescusitate.

Anyone who mocks Sarah Palin for "death panels" can SHUT THE FUCK UP. Adults are talking.

There's nothing I can do about any of this, of course. I'll have to find one of my old bandanas and start wearing it like a desperado, I suppose.

Gah! I'm so mad I can hardly stand it!

* * *

And LarrY Correia has some things to say that I'll blockquote in its entirety behind a LJ-Cut because it's long, but I don't want it to go away because Faceboob decided to memory-hole it:

Yep. The people wanting people to go back to work? They just love money more than life. They just want to get hair cuts and eat hamburgers. They want to kill grandma so the stock market will go up. It certainly can't be a risk/cost analysis. Nope. They just hate science. Even the scientists among them hate science.

But don't worry, if millions of poor people starve in the third world now, the same smug fucks who've been yelling at us to shut down everything for the last couple of months will take zero blame for that. I'm willing to bet that when/if this happens, they'll still be out there, signalling their virtue from their comfy homes, because They Care So Hard.

Check out this article from the ultra right wing New York Times, quoting the ultra right wing UN, so you can just proclaim it is biased conspiracy theory and can be safely dismissed. Now share some more memes about how everybody who disagrees with you is too stupid to wash their hands. That never gets old.

My only hope is that the UN's math is as wrong for this as it is for everything else, but even if they're off by an order of magnitude, the cure would still be worse than the disease. This is potentially a perfect storm of a lot of really poor people getting hit really hard. Food production down. Food costs up. Their exports down. No tourism. Less income. Which means more deaths from all the regular diseases, and of course, the resulting unrest. One big nasty spiral.

But that's okay. You guys with the spicy memes, and your work from home jobs, and savings in the bank, just keep on pretending that everything is simple. Right/wrong, good/evil, black/white, your shit don't stink, and anybody who disagrees with your hot take, well it can only be because they're a fool. That guy who lost his job, business, and is worried about losing his house, or how he's gonna feed his kids? He's dumb. You're the real champion.

Because you listen to the experts. Just not *those* experts. You listen to the *right* experts. The ones who agree with what you are already doing.

In reality, deep down, you probably know that everything is complicated. And it's calculating risk vs. cost. There's no easy answer. No matter what you do, somebody gets hurt. Actions have consequences. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. But that's scary to admit, and it means that you aren't that virtuous after all, and you certainly aren't any better than those you've been smugly mocking because their risk/cost analysis came back with different results than yours.

Because that would mean that they're just people, just like you.

Nope. Can't have that. This is the internet, where we say fuck your nuance.
He's responding to this article at NYT, which is talking about how famine is the real danger here, not the fucking China Flu.

* * *

Anyway, today was a day. It's over and I'm home and there's just Friday to worry about.


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