atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7119: Sushi didn't happen this evening

Instead I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen a bit, then made something simple for dinner (chicken patties and mashed potatoes). Sushi tomorrow, damn it!

* * *

YES this whole COVID-19 panic is nothing but a fiasco in progress and if the American people realize it before November, there is going to be a (metaphorical) bloodbath at the polls.

* * *

Saturday night, and I'm sleepy, but all I really did today was sleep. It was a good day for it: cloudy and chilly and raining constantly; a good day to lay in bed with your honey and not do anything.

Of course it makes tomorrow that much more hectic....

Took apart the IAC valve for the Jeep, the one that failed. Turns out there's a little motor inside--essentially a servomotor--and it causes a shaft to turn which screws the pintle in and out. Except that it wasn't turning all that well; once I got it apart enough to see the shaft, I needed pliers to get it turning. So I think it had a sticky spot and, well, got stuck there in operation.

The dismantling of the thing was destructive, but it was already replaced with a new part so that's no biggie.

* * *

Interesting problem: for some reason, the computer speakers lose the right channel. But they don't lose sound from the right channel; the left channel ends up there. To fix it, I unplug the speakers entirely from the computer, then plug them back in; and presto, stereo music again.

WTF. I'll have to figure out if it's the PC or the speakers. I can disable the motherboard audio and install a sound card easily enough, and in fact that might be preferable to the integrated audio anyway; the hard part will be finding a sound card I can live with that doesn't cost a fortune.

* * *

Well, Pandora finally got their shit together enough to goof up browsers that are using ad blockers. That was a pretty good run, though--I don't remember when I started using Pandora but it's been since at least 2014, and it wasn't long after that when I listened to the thing via Pale Moon with Adblock, no commercials ever played.

The next thing to try is the "redirect" trick, where you edit the hosts file to send all ads to /dev/null, but that takes a little more hacker mojo than I care to expend at this time.

* * *

It's really late. Time for bed.

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