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#7124: I was planning not to write anything speecific today

I was not going to blog about politics or COVID-19 or any of the horseshit but of course there's too much of it out there and I can't help myself, so let's get this nonsense out of the way.

Democrats honestly think we don't notice this, or that we don't think anything of it. NYC is cracking down on Jews, of course, but not muslims. Jews aren't allowed to congregate or worship or anything. But the muslims, NYC is giving them food for ramadan.

Jesse Jackson once got in trouble for referring to a heavily jewish area as "Hymietown", but it did not end his career because Jews are a "safe" voting block for Democrats. The exact same way, in the last election, blacks were outraged that Hillary wasn't pandering to them and promising them things--she didn't need to, because blacks reliably vote Democrat no matter who is running.

And so the NYC city government shits all over the Jews and is extremely solicitous to the muslims, who (by the way) are sworn enemies of Judaism. Well, shit--what's Hymietown going to do? Vote Republican?

Of course they're not. We're told we must "never forget!" the Holocaust, but when Jews start being treated as second-class citizens by the very political party they overwhelmingly support, they turn a blind eye to it and keep right on voting for it! It's like Jews in Nazi Germany voting for Hitler, for fuck's sake. If they were actually serious about that "never forget, never again!" stuff, they'd all be voting Republican and loading up on AR-15s and push heavily for Constitutional carry at the very first sign that Democrats were turning against them.

Instead? They just shrug it off the very real and very large anti-Semite and anti-Zion segment of the American left. They're not bothered by the Democrats' support for Palestine. They don't mind Ilhan Omar, the representative from Little Somalia, spewing her anti-semitism. They're not bothered by it at all; they think their money is what keeps the Democrats in line. It's not; it's just the possibility of losing elections that keeps the Democrat party from going full-bore anti-semite.

But the thing is, those members of the Democrat party who are actively and openly anti-semitic are doing so precisely because it doesn't cost them any votes. The Democrat party won't censure them, or kick them out, and their voters won't de-elect them. The Jews will not take their votes elsewhere.

So the party of racism and anti-semitism and bigotry and hatred, and of the KKK, the very Democrat party that runs New York City, will continue to take Jewish money and turn around and treat the Jews the way the left has always treated them--and what will they say when they find themselves relegated to second-class citizen status again, by the very people they vote for right now?

You don't think it'll happen? Let me tell you this: if it doesn't happen, it'll be because the Republican party stopped it!

* * *

By the way, the mayor of NYC is a fucking idiot. People in the midwest sew masks and send them to NYC for first responders to use. That asshat has them all tacked to a wall so he can pose for pictures with it. Because useless fucking politicians are useless.

* * *

It's official: we now live in a police state. Police show up at a woman's home because she let her daughter play with a neighbor's kid.
In Wisconsin you can take your kid to the grocery store, Walmart, Costco, a restaurant for takeout, where they might come in contact with any number of strangers who may be sick.

But you cannot let your kid play with the neighbor kid across the street, who you know.
God Bless America, no wonder the Democrats have such a hard-on for keeping everyone locked down. This must look like a godsend to them, letting them finally rule with an iron fist, just like they always wanted to.

* * *

An interesting point: Why, if the court order only applies to one person, is Pritzker appealing it?
So the ruling against JB the Hutt applies to a single legislator, the one who brought suit against the governor for his overreach. So why is Jabba going to appeal the ruling in short order?
Precedent (not to mention everyone else can win now.) Other Courts take the finding into consideration. Conflicting rulings mean the State Supreme Court gets involved and if they rule against Civil Rights, the federal courts come into play.
That would be a powerful precedent indeed. Of course, Pritzker will take his appear to a court which will rule in his favor, and that will be the end of it, much the same way Illinois appealed the FOID law being struck down, and the appeal sided with the state, and that's it for basic civil rights.

You no longer have civil rights, get it? None. You can't go outside when you want, you can't let your kids play when they want, you can't go to the store or just hang around with friends or have a party or hold worship services or do anything without the government's permission. The Bill of Rights--utterly null and void now.

...which is why the left so desperately wants this to be "the new normal". Instead of having to deal with pesky and convoluted legal processes to strike down the Bill of Rights, they can just declare this year's flu to be a "pandemic" and do whatever the fuck they want, and the people won't fight it because ONOES IT'S A PANDEMIC I'M SCARED.

Even to shutting down the economy and crushing the middle class right out of existence.

* * *

CNN is virtuall jizzing in its pants over the prospect of there being food shortages in America. After all, "It's not like the CNN talking heads won't be able to afford $20/lbs ground beef on their millionaire salaries."

Once again demonstrating that--contrary to their claims--the Democrat-media complex does not give a wet shit about the "little people". They regard them as sheep to be herded and sheared--and slaughtered--as they like.

* * *

Look at how much hatred the left has for people who own property. They don't mind telling you to forego income, and they think you're evil and "exploiting" people if you expect your tenants to pay rent.

The utter ignorance of basic economics on display in those twittle messages, though, is staggering. I mean, I know that leftists don't understand shit about how economics work (because if they did, they wouldn't be leftists) but HOLY FUCKING SHIT it still just makes my jaw sag to see it.

I mean, let's just say that we go ahead and make it illegal to charge rent on rental property "for the duration". Okay? We do what the incestuous, islamic bigamist bitch from Little Somalia wants and we "cancel rent".

Whoever has an apartment or is renting a house right now has a place to live as long as they want to live there. But not so much as one more unit of rental housing will go on the market, and the people who own the units will walk away from them.

...because they need the rental money to pay for property tax, insurance, and upkeep on the property, that's why. Owning a house isn't free, thanks to our government's ever-greater voracious appetite for tax revenue; you have to pay a tax on the asset every year, and if you don't, the government seizes it. And what if you don't pay insurance on it and the tenant does something stupid and burns it down? You just lost a valuable, tangible asset.

But not if you can't get any money out of it. If you own rental property, at the bare minimum you need to pay the property tax and the owner's insurance on it, and you need to maintain it. The instant the government takes away your ability to charge rent, it becomes a liability.

People won't hold onto a property they can't use and can't afford. In the worst case, they'll walk away from it.

Someone I know is loosely associated with an utter wretch who rented a house, let his dogs shit everywhere, and stopped paying rent, and successfully evaded being evicted, squatting there for quite some time. Eventually, the owner just abandoned the property and let the county seize it for tax auction. The wretch finally had to leave when the utilities got cut.

You know--electricity and gas and cable like to be paid, and they're a lot easier to shut off than it is to evict people, so once the utilities get cut, squatters will generally trash the place and leave. The rental property is ruined and requires massive renovation before it can be rented again.

Now--imagine this happening all over the country. Because that's what a "rent holiday" would do, minus the county evictions, because there'd simply be too many of them. The squatters would not care for the property, and eventually they'd leave when the house became uninhabitable. Who loses?

Well, the owner loses. He has to declare bankruptcy if there's a loan against the property; if he owns it outright, he's out the price of a house, which is not chicken feed.

If there's a mortgage on the place, the bank loses. It has to evict the squatters, and if it can't, then the bank loses money paying property tax--or it loses more on writing off the mortgage and letting the county take the house.

Property tax collected on the property goes to zero. The county loses.

Does anyone buy the house? Somehow I doubt it. In this scenario, there would be whole neighborhoods full of trashed houses. So, the real estate market hits the shitter. No one buys properties to rent them out because they get fucked if they do.

And even after all this is over, rental properties will still be hard to find, so people who rent their housing will suffer extremely high rents and scarce housing.

But of course, to these leftists, bah! Landlords are rich people who got that way by exploiting the poor, and they deserve to have their rental income taken away from them.

* * *

This COVID-19 idiocy is going to have an effect on Hollywood and how we consume movies.

* * *

The media is full of lies, and it has been full of lies for a lot longer than thirty years.

* * *

Warm yesterday, a warm evening, slowly cooling--we had a window open last night. I don't know why I couldn't sleep, but I kept waking up. Felt like dog's breakfast almost all day today.


Plus side, Wednesday is over. Tomorrow is Thursday, and after that is Friday. Whee!

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