atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7129: That's better already

So, phone call with doc resulted in steriods and antibiotics. 24 hours later, I'm feeling a ton better. And I didn't wake myself up coughing last night.

Wonderful stuff, corticosteroids.

* * *

Printer arrived. It sits, in its box, in the computer room; I will mess with it later.

* * *

The same Democrats who have been fomenting disrespect for the rule of law for decades are now shocked and surprised (and frustrated and angry) when the people act as if they have no respect for rule of law.

Their anger approximates, "No! You're supposed to listen to us! It's the other guys who you should ignore, the Republicans and the old farts!"

"Expose yourself to hundreds of strangers on a subway car in order to go to work, but don't go into a park and expose yourself to strangers at some distance in order to have fun!"

Power is the ability to inflict pain. Socialism is a boot stomping on a human face. Remember.

* * *

Last night I was looking for a movie to watch. Didn't want to pay anything, just wanted to watch a free movie on-demand. Ended up watching Strategic Air Command, a 1954 movie about the formation of SAC. James Stewart plays Lt. Col. Robert "Dutch" Holland, who is a former bomber pilot and now third baseman for the Saint Louis Cardinals. Only he was in the reserves, and gets called up to fly nuclear bombers for SAC.

Interesting bit: Harry "Colonel Potter" Morgan was in the movie as a flight engineer on a B-36. Which needed an engineer, because it had six radial prop engines and four jet engines.

Anyway, I saw it once before, a long time ago, and forgot about two-thirds of it, so that made for an entertaining film.

* * *

Ended up getting absolutely zero done yesterday. After taking the first dose of steroids and antibiotics I just flopped.

Plus side, it's a nice day outside. Tomorrow it'll be about 15 degrees cooler. Welcome to early May.

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