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#7131: The last step approaches.

I frickin' hate this COVID-19 bullshit.

I know I'm not the only one. A lot has been made of the armed (but completely nonviolent, no irony or sarcasm there, just facts) protest at the Michigan capitol building. But I think the most important part is, as the article attests, the implication of those men going into that building with their firearms: this is your last warning before armed revolt.

It's often said that we have three ways to fix problems: the soap box, the ballot box, and the cartridge box. I would add "the jury box" between "ballot" and "cartridge"; but the point is that when the media and government stifle the first, and ignore the second, and they weasel around the third, the final option must come into play.

Citizens are guaranteed the right to keep and bear firearms because the Founders knew this, that the only way to ensure a free people stayed free was if they had the power to take back freedom that has been taken from them. And that's why gun confiscation is the end goal of the "gun control" movement: the left cannot put on its face-stompin' boots unless we're disarmed.

If you think those men were just a bunch of redneck yahoos who can be safely ignored, I implore you please to reconsider. Most gun owners in the United States are very serious about their weapons and their use, even to whether or not you know they're carrying.

I'm reminded of a time I was hanging in the gunblogger chat and one woman mentioned her trip to a shooting meet out west. She was open-carrying and hanging around with some people, and some actual yahoos who were unconnected with the shooting meet wanted to get a closer look at her gun. "Hey, nice gun! Can I see it?" And her response--which was one hundred percent proper!--was, "No, you may not."

So I'd bet money those men went to the capitol building with every expectation of being arrested. And they would not have started shooting anyone nor would they have even resisted arrest; but you can bet that their arrest would be noticed by other people who would receive that news with grim interest. The fact that they were not arrested indicates that the authorities knew what was happening and knew what their response had to be, because to do otherwise would invite some massive civil rights lawsuits.

They've made plain, though, the state of the country's right wing.

There's talk of keeping the country locked down until after July 4. I don't see it; the populace is going to pressure their politicians into opening sooner than that, and a failure to heed them may result in some people dancing Danny Deever from a lamppost.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Once politicians start to get lynched, that road doesn't end for a rather long and bloody time, and the economic damage and the shortages and the other nonsense we're putting up with right now will look like a mild inconvenience by comparison. Because then there's martial law and rebellion and people getting shot and collateral damage and the entire Bill of Rights being chucked right out the window "for the duration". Food becomes scarce--forget toilet paper!--and anarchy descends, because there sure as hell ain't gonna be any police out risking their necks in No Man's Land.

Sure, the right wing has the numbers and the weapons and the training. Sure, the feds can't possibly win the fight because even if they retain half the military they can't use big weapons on whole towns of civilians, not like fighting the war in Europe, especially because the people they'll be fighting against don't live in populous areas. But those of us who cannot fight (and I have absolutely no illusions about that; I am extremly nearsighted and have chronic hypoglycemia, not to mention I'm upper-middle-age, weigh too much, and have an iffy back--and even if that weren't all true, I am a married man and my life is not my own) will get flattened by the feds. We'll be the ones who are forced to work for beans and rice, lose all our property and savings, and be sent to concentration camps for those blog posts we wrote years ago which were critical of the government. After all, it shows how unpatriotic you are!

And if you think that won't happen to noncombatants in this scenario, I've got a bridge to sell you. If it comes down to a civil war the feds will crush our freedoms, and in the God-awful event they won the civil war, those freedoms would never come back, not like the last time we had an internecine war. And if you happen to live in an area that wasn't under fed control but ended up being taken by them? Hoo boy.

I don't think they could win. But it would be a long and bloody conflict, and it would be a horrible thing to experience even if you got lucky and lived through it. I know that our side isn't going to lightly take that step. The people who consider it know what they're getting into if they go that route.

But the other guys--the left--they want total control of the populace, and with this pandemic horseshit they are getting a tantalizing whiff of total power, and they find it intoxicating. "It is time to go back to our normal routines, but the people in charge have the whiff of authoritarianism in their nostrils and like a rutting beast they can think of nothing else. They are now busy dreaming up more insane restrictions just to humiliate people." Because you know you have power over someone when you can hurt him and he can't stop you.

And right now, the people who are extending the lockdowns are enjoying themselves immensely, watching the pain they're inflicting on small business owners and landlords and all the people that the left has always hated with the heat of burning hellfire, especially the middle class. And they won't stop unless they're forced to.

Better hope the jury box is enough to do it. Because that's our last resort before things get really bad.

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