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#7133: There now should be no doubt

Apple doesn't give a shit about the environment. The T2 chip in some Macintosh computers is meant primarily to make the computer extra-secure against data theft and the like. The problem is, it also ensures that if the computer is not put through a multi-step process to ensure that it is wiped clean and deregistered, it's a brick--and is fit only for being shredded into its components. No pesky used computer sitting around, depriving Apple of a sale! Nope!

If the SSD fails you can't take it out and put in a new one, because it's part of the motherboard.

If they thought they could get away with it, Apple would set the things up so they could be registered to one user, one time.

Now more than ever, this is 100% true:

Related: So Apple has finally launched the new Macbook Pro 13 and it actually comes with a keyboard that doesn't suck, much the same way keyboards on Dells and Asus and Acer and HP laptops have not sucked all along.

Even better: the cheapest one of these things you can buy costs $1,300. I did a little comparison shopping and found that a Dell laptop with similar specifications--actually, with the latest-generation i5 processor and faster memory!--cost half that much.

Then I found this link in the same Pixy Misa post that led me to the two Mac stories, and there we have a laptop for half the cost of the new Macbook 13 that will BLAST ITS SHIT RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER in terms of performance, repairability, and upgradability.

The processor in that laptop is a shade less than three times faster than the one in the cheapest Macbook.

Does less, costs more, and you can't fix it when it breaks, so you might as well chuck it in a landfill: the Macintosh!!!

* * *

All they want is power. They don't care if they have to lie, cheat, and steal to get it.

* * *

Canadian cops overreact. I hope there's a whopping big lawsuit over that.

* * *

Speaking of Star Wars idiocy this is awesome:
Disney is utterly incapable of any kind of control over [Kathleen Kennedy] because she is a woman and they can't discipline her, they can’t give her orders, they can't do anything to her because if they do, the Bobs [Iger and Chapek] will be called sexists. And they would rather leave Disney a smoking hole in the ground rather than endure this.
They might get that chance. Disney is burning money right now and it will be years before they can recover.

* * *

You would think that they'd have some understanding of what happened in 2016 but I don't think they really do.
Is there even a Republican party in Michigan?

The answer is no, there is a club for fourth generation millionaires from Pontiac who are all highly principled and own the Libs with facts and logic but not with anything that could be called action.

Don't want to annoy their old friends Bunky and Pongo by stirring the pot too much. Just make a few grumbles about Lansing to keep the groundlings happy. By the way whose turn is it going to be to lose against Whitmer this week? I know it's a chore, but it has to be done or the wrong people...that is to say the ones who want to win a fight against our friends...might get in and we can’t have that can we?
The GOP at the national level operated this way. Still does, in fact--but with Trump in the White House they can't do "Failure Theater" the way they were, because *WINNING is providing a stark contrast to their *LOSING and they'll fail of re-election if they don't shape up.

There are plenty of GOP elites who deplore Trump and everything he stands for, and who can't wait until his time is up, who would rather have had Hillary Clinton win in 2016 than Trump.

The problem is, Failure Theater is why Trump was elected. GOP voters were tired of sending ever-greater numbers of Republicans to D.C. only to have them fail to do anything useful, then come back and say, "We need more Republicans. Elect us and we'll fix it for sure this time!" And for a while, it worked--but people finally twigged to the fact that the Republicans are not fighting for us and they started losing elections again.

Republicans couldn't stop ObamaCare from being passed--the Democrats had majorities in both houses, and the White House to boot--but after it was law, and after the Democrats lost their majorities, the GOP could have done any number of things to get rid of it, and they did not even try. They always came back to their supporters, saying, "We just don't have the votes."


...and the voters got sick of it, and they elected Trump...and Trump has the approval ratings that he has BECAUSE HE FIGHTS. He fights the way no Republican has in my memory. And he wins, and is completely unapologetic about it.

The Michigan GOP had better heed that lesson, lest they repeat it.

* * *

And do not think that Americans' capacity for patience is unlimited. It is not.
The American people have hit their limit and the elites have no clue as to the level of anger in the United States public. They will default, they will get angrier, and they will resist and defy authority; unfortunately in a manner far different from the last "crash."

The average American individual, who has been trapped in their homes for over a month, lost their job, lost their credit line which provided them an ability to pay their necessities of food and medicine, lost their income, and will soon lose their homes either via foreclosure or eviction, is no longer going to take it. They have watched the wealthy become enriched and then fly off in their private jets to their super yachts to New Zealand to escape the coronavirus. Or worse, take a milk bath and preach to the peasants just how happy the serfs should be to be shut in while our neighbors lose everything as a Chinese Communist disease "equalizes" everyone.
The banksters no doubt look on all this as another opportunity to print money and line their pockets, exactly as happened in 2009, and they don't realize that the fact that they are clever does not mean that the rest of us are stupid.

And in fact they might just want to consider that for the past hundred years their friends on the west coast have been pushing fictional narratives where the rich people who exploit the poor always end up getting theirs, in spades.

But the problem is, they think the rest of us are so pitiably stupid that we can barely be trusted not to soil our own clothing, let alone make long-term political and financial and health decisions without them.

I'm not sure what the elites think they're going to do, but I doubt things will work quite the way they think it will. What I do know is that they expect a certain order to the world, and have made the mistake of believing that because it's worked this way for so long, it's a natural law that it does so. That because they--and their parents, and their grandparents--went to the "right" schools and hobnobbed with the "right" people and espoused the "right" opinions and so forth, that their positions in society are theirs by divine right, and that it can never change because those lower classes are just so gauche and stupid. Why, they think Jesus was a real person, can you believe that?

And they're wrong. Not just about that last, but about all of it. A lot of them are luxuries--expensive luxuries--and if they actually got what they wanted and crushed the rest of us under their feet, they would soon find themselves embroiled in one of the bloodiest, most savage battles they'd ever even heard the elites themselves strove to establish a new pecking order. Imagine Game of Thrones, but with firearms and Internet access.

It would be that bloody. "When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die," Cersei Lannister said, and it doesn't matter what century or what setting you play in.

But the thing is, the peones, the serfs, the proles, whatever you call the general population of the United States, they're better educated than these people think and they are not going just to lie down and let the elites take over. And if they feel like they're being cornholed, they will rise up...and that's when the handy people start cobbling together guillotines out of supplies from Home Depot.

* * *

A blast from the past that was never ever discussed. Obama talking about celebrating "Cinco de Cuatro".

* * *

It doesn't seem to scale. But using microwaves to superheat air to make plasma seems to have a nice hot jet, with more thrust per unit of energy expended. That's the good part.

But how do you power this thing? Not batteries, that's for damned sure.

* * *

Every last one of those is familiar to me.

* * *

WAY too much time on his hands. Jeeze-louise.

* * *

Today, no new tickets in the queue, so after doing my due diligence on the existing ones (mostly updating the "can't do anything until COVID-19 is over" status) I had some time on my hands.

Ended up doing an epic amount of doodling. It turns out, in the comic universe, that if you lie to a female of your species about who you are, and claim to be a rich person, they are immediately surrounded by this glowing force field of sexual arousal.

Somehow, Pancho Villa got involved:
"I'm Pancho Villa!"
"No you're not. He died in 1923!"
"I traveled through time--"
"Look, my grades and bra cups may be 'D's but I'm not STUPID!"
"Ah, you've seen through my ruse. I am...TACO BELL!"
The character design for Pancho Villa is "basic stick man" but with a huge handlebar mustache and a sombrero. When I looked up the year of his death on Wikipedia I was surprised to find that my depiction was not actually all that far off.

Smoker got himself a babe by saying he was Bill Gates ("It took me a long time to perfect this technique, so don't STEAL it, okay?"). Naturally, the martian he was talking to stole it immediately and failed to get a female martian. But then: "Okay, I lied. I'm actually STEVE JOBS." WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAHHHHHH

("WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAHHHHHH" is the sound effect of the female libido going into total overdrive.)

Extreme Violence claimed to be Che Guevara to Ms. Havoc. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAHHHHHH

This one-eyed floating face guy claimed to be Warren Buffet to a female floating face. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAHHHHHH

Hot Dog Man claimed to be Oscar Meyer to a female hamburger: "Who?"
"Oh, COME ON!"
"And, put on a BUN, you weirdo!"
But then he tried again with a chicken nugget:
"Hey, baby! I'm OSCAR MEYER!"

After all this I sat there, looked it over, and laughed.

I didn't just sit there drawing all day; I had a couple of tickets come in and I worked them, and I had a team teleconference, and some other work-related stuff.

...and this slow spell only means there will be that much more work later on. I'm not kidding; I am direct support for three sites and indirect for three more besides, and when all those people come back to work--well, I know that I'm going to be busting my balls for a month when everything opens back up.

So I will enjoy it while I can.

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