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#7135: I am fit to be tied.

And that is all I am fit for. If my wife had not woken me from a sound sleep upon her arrival home and declared that we needed to go grocery shopping I would still be asleep, and I do believe I would be a great deal happier.

The entire day today I was in no mood for putting up with horseshit, and there is an extra buttload of horseshit sitting in my lap thanks to all this COVID-19 fuckery.

There will be an extra bonus of swearing and invective. You've been warned.

* * *

THIS FUCKING ASS GOBLIN IS UTTERLY WORTHLESS. "There are tangible, real-world problems on planet earth that need to be solved," this useless extrusion says in his call to end the manned space program--the exact same thing that these fucking short-sighted useless shits have been saying in this country since 1957.

I could lay out all the numbers again, about how the existing programs to deal with those "tangible, real-world problems" have vaporized wealth at the rate of three million dollars a minute for FIFTY-FIVE FUCKING YEARS, but I don't really need to, do I? I've done it before, and you people are more than smart enough to remember them--more than smart enough to have run them yourselves at least as many times as I have--so I won't.

* * *

Part of the reason I'm so pissed off stems from the TOTALLY FUCKING UNNECESSARY lockdown that's strangling our economy, and it does not help that it's based on UTTER BULLSHIT.

Heard that on Limbaugh today, too: this shit is predicated on a computer program (I refuse to dignify it as a "model" when it doesn't actually model anything!) which said that 2.2 million Americans would die of COVID-19. Then the guy changed the thing and added "social distancing" to the equation (just social distancing, not "Lockdown" and "wear a mask" and "wait in line to go into the half-stocked grocery store" and "close all the restaurants", ONLY SOCIAL DISTANCING) and the estimate fell to 60,000.

For this, we did all the stuff in my parenthetical statement. So Wendy's can't serve hamburgers right now because they can't get meat. So the produce aisle looks like a bomb went off and you can't buy potatoes. No disinfecting wipes to be had anywhere, and we're looking at a shortage of critical foodstuffs over the next few months. Because "2.2 million people are going to die!"

60,000. Maybe. Of course we still have people scaremongering and claiming that the number will be "3,000 dead per day by June" which would be ninety thousand more deaths, for which there is no good scientific support.

* * *

You don't have to go to jail and pay a fine if you kiss the judge's ass real good!

Texas Supreme Court released her from jail at least.

Oh, what's her crime?

Opening her lawful business.

* * *

And speaking of our out-of-control legal system, all charges dropped against General Michael Flynn because the government's prosecution of him was a politically-motivated sham meant to hurt President Donald Trump.

It was not "conducted With a Legitimate Investigative Basis", which is a nice way of saying that General Flynn was a political prisoner and not a criminal.

* * *

So, Joe Biden:

Behold the invisible woman!

But the Democrats won't pull him from the race. No, they'll expect their propaganda wing (AKA "the American media") to cover for them, the same way the New York Times tried to.
The only way Joe Biden isn't the Dem nominee is if the Dems decide

a) he can’t win, AND

b) his defeat will do such damage to the brand that he has to go.

In that case, he won't be forced out over anything so ticky-tack as a credible rape allegation. No, if that happens, Hillary's fixers will make sure ol' Sundown Joe has an "accident." I mean, who hasn't severed his carotid artery while shaving and juggling loaded revolvers?
I still maintain that he'll trip and hit his head seventeen times, on a desk or something. "Totally accidental, dude," medical examiner Dr. Feelgood was heard to say.

* * *

I heard something about this. In California they're talking about using "contact tracing" and quarantining people.

Totally not confining them in concentration camps, oh no! No, this is for public safety after all. "We're going to make it less and less possible for someone from the county to run into a filthy Jew. Oh! No! Someone that has a COVID-19 infection. Ha ha ha, little slip of the tongue there. I have a bit of a stutter, like Joe Biden!"

And if you refuse to leave? They'll be sending SWAT teams to forcibly remove them from their homes.

* * *

THIS IS AMERICA. The cops were all set to arrest that woman who dared to set foot on a closed beach...and then people just started walking onto the beach. And the next thing you know, the beach was not closed any longer.

* * *

The media is helpfully making shit up to aid the Democrats' quest to crush us all under their fucking heels. "Oh, why oh why don't the people believe us?" Fuck you, that's why.

* * *

Let's put Watergate and Russiagate side-by-side and ask ourselves which was worse?

If you are a Democrat, of course Watergate was worse because Nixon took down Alger Hiss.

I don't like Nixon--he was a "moderate" Republican and saddled us with a lot of shit--but he had more honor in his left pinky toe than Obama had in his entire body.

* * *

Of course the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine is being downplayed.

They want an expensive name-brand drug to be the treatment and they want expensive name-brand, annual vaccines, because if we can treat the thing with cheap drugs, "there are no exclusive rights for anybody, and nobody wins!"

* * *

Nashville mayor wants a 30% property tax hike. He doesn't want to lay off any government workers while the citizens are losing their jobs, but the government doesn't have enough income right now (because of those job losses!) so of course he wants to raise taxes to make up the difference.

Fuckin' Democrats!

* * *

This is 100% true. Aliens was a massively great movie in every important respect.

And they can't make movies like that any longer. They just can't.

* * *

My mood's not any better. Fuck this shit.

Maybe take a day or two off from blogging; we'll see. I'm really fit to be tied and I've been in an increasingly craptastic mood since the week began.

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