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#7137: DERAILED!

First off, damn did we sleep today. I got up at 1:30 or 2-ish. Mrs. Fungus got up after 3.

Around 5-ish, I was sitting here playing a little random WoW and trying to psych myself up to go to the store for a few sundries and then go work on the motorcycle. Mrs. Fungus came into the room and asked me to hold her for a bit. We went to bed and cuddled for a little while; then she got up and I fell asleep.

Now it's 8:30, it's dark, and the stores are closed (because everyone's on short hours because of the stupid virus). I could still go work on the bike, but I feel kind of spacy after sleeping so much.


* * *

Tomorrow is Sunday. Having slept through most of Saturday, I'll have to get all the things done. Run my errands and cut the grass. Maybe work on the bike if I had energy left.

Still confident that the bike mainly needs its carbs cleaned. I need to remove them to do that.

Right now, I need to scare up something dinner-like and then get after the dishes.

Mrs. Fungus and I have decided that our COVID-19 checks will go towards home improvement, and part of that will be a new dishwasher. It's been long enough now that I don't even remember when this one broke, but the fact that the broken part is basically the thing that everything attaches to makes it expensive, big, and a pain to replace. Because step one of replacing that part is, "Completely disassemble unit."

The leak is right where the water line goes from the solenoid valve into the washer tub. It's a fitting which is integral to the tub itself. I tried putting a hose clamp on it, but it still leaked, because the fitting is what's leaking, not the hose. Because the fitting is cast into the plastic, you can't remove it, nor can you slather epoxy around it and seal the leak that way, because of how the hose attaches. My original plan had been to buy a tub and replace it; but the tub costs something like $120, and that's before we even consider tax, and shipping on something that's some three feet on a side. (Light though--made of plastic.)

A cursory examination of two web sites (Best Buy and Menards) show that they start around $300 and hit $YEECH but I don't need a unit that talks and makes drinks; as long as it cleans dishes, that'll do.

If we ever get them. We opted not to give the feds all kinds of information and instead will wait for paper checks.

* * *

So, it's May 9, and the heat is still on.

When I was a teenager, the heat would go off in early May. It would not be turned on until October. Unless something unusual happened, that was the rule. But I don't remember it being cold, either.

It seems to me that summers have gotten shorter and cooler from when I was a kid.

* * *

Incidentally, gas prices: the price of crude oil has recovered from it's low of MINUS $37 a barrel, but the price of gas here never went below $2 a gallon--and now it's back up to $2.25 a gallon.

Production has ceased, of course, because there's too much oil--but there's still an oversupply of crude so WHY THE HELL--


* * *

Well, dinner won't happen unless I make it happen. Off I go.

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