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#7138: Taxes and rumors of taxes

Because of the shutdown tax revenue is way down, so Chicago is "...considering doubling water, garbage, city sticker and neighborhood parking permit fees. This on top of much higher tax levy on all home values."

Unless I am misremembering, Cook County already has one of the highest property tax rates in the country. It certainly is one of the most-taxed counties. And Chicago's answer to a budget shortfall is always to raise taxes, never to cut spending, because after all, "The taxpayers will just have to pay it."

At the core of this is that the conventions which were canceled because of the pandemic. It's rumored that many conventions won't be back in Chicago next year, because there are plenty of cities in America with better climate, less crime, and lower costs than Chicago.

But of course, government can never be expected to make do with less money, to cut expenditures to match income.

* * *

I think the people who idolize Hillary Clinton just ignore the fact that absent her relationship to Bill Clinton, she'd be a nobody.

She would never have risen to prominence on her own; remember this was someone fired from the Watergate investigation for being an overly partisan hack. And at every job she's been given--note that she has never earned a job--she's done a miserable, miserable job.

"And she was a manifest fraud. Were it not for the fact that the FBI and the Justice Department were politicized under the Obama administration," goes one paragraph, "she would today be lolling away her days in federal prison."

And that, oddly enough, brings us to our next bit:

Why Michael Flynn was persecuted by the FBI.
As it happened, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn opposed the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal. As a senior intelligence official in the Obama administration, he could not be allowed to do that. So, to save Obama's sellout to the mullahs and his support for state sponsored terrorism, Michael Flynn had to be destroyed.
Suddenly it makes a lot more sense to me, why they went after Flynn with such fervor and tried so hard to manufacture a charge against him.

"It was pure entrapment, served for political ends, even though it was only designed to destroy a man's life." Because the man in question had opposed a President's deal with a foreign power.

* * *

Rainy today. I don't know if I'll get the grass cut. Probably not. My own damned fault, too.

...but on the other hand the days are getting longer, so I can cut it in stages after work this week.

Still kind of miffed that yesterday vanished in a fog of sleep. Well, whose fault is it, anyway?

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