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#7144: Got fuses!

Got fuses and a new fuse holder for under $10. Dinner tonight was Chinese food and now the sun has set, so I'm not working on the bike tonight.

Today while showering I was thinking about how much power that circuit can supply. With a 15A fuse, and assuming 14.7V, it can handle a maximum of 220.5 watts. That's maximum, and it doesn't really seem like enough, you know?

I checked the resistance from that point to ground and got something like 7 ohms. Of course much of that is light bulbs, which have effectively no resistance at the kind of piddly current a multimeter puts out. But 14.7 volts across 7 ohms is 2A, which really isn't that much current and is well below the rating of the fuse. So--theoretically--when I put one of these fuses in, it should not blow the instant I turn the switch on. Right? Right??

The fuse holder is the bayonet-and-snap type, rather than the "pop open and have exposed and loose clip terminals holding the fuse" kind that came standard. It should even fit in the same clip, and all I'll need to do is crimp on some bullet connectors.

I thought about getting a blade-type fuse holder instead, but decided against it. This is closer to stock, but also an improvement.

* * *

Global cooling! Extended solar minimum, as I've been saying for the last half-decade at least.

No--since 2009, so the last eleven years.

* * *

Governor J.B. "Fatass" Pritzker is not going to be able to keep Illinois closed for as long as he wants to. I would even wager that very few state governments are going to be able to enforce their ludicrously protracted shutdown orders.

They cannot arrest everyone.

* * *

In the notebook today, Smoker and Guy From Disney got into it over the torching of Hollywood and the lack of sound effects. To settle the matter, Guy From Disney challenged Smoker to a duel: they'd ride "Space Mountain" until one of them threw up.

2,287 rides later, they're BOTH projectile-puking. (By the way, I did the math, and assuming a 3-minute ride that's 4.75 days aboard the roller coaster.) With sound effects helpfully provided by the Sound Effects Temps, of course, one of whom is nearly vomited upon for his trouble.

Anyway, that settled the matter and everything went back to normal, except that some guy tried using the five-pack of sample sound effects they got from their supplier while the temps were on lunch break--though they turned out to be porn sound effects, which is why the guy trying a tennis serve got "slapslapslapslapslap" for a sound effect, and why when Smoker tried using his lighter it went "spurt spurt" (though emitting the usual huge gout of flame).

Those got used up in short order. Guy From Disney tried to stop the last one from being used (all we see of it is part of the label, "ORGA", as it is fed into the sound effects processor) but it gets sucked in. Before anyone can stop it, a guy is juggling and slips on a banana, and when he hits his head on the pavement it goes "BIKU", which is Japanese onomotopoea for the sound effect of having an orgasm. (They have a sound effect for everything.)

Guy: "That's odd...when I slipped on that banana peel and cracked my head on the pavement, it felt REALLY GOOD!"


* * *

Anyway, Friday night--

Last night we had thunderstorms just about all night. We had the bedroom windows open, so I got woken up periodically by them--but I liked it.

--it's Friday night and there's only the weekend chores to worry about, so I've got that going for me.

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