atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7145: Ah, sleep, balmy sleep

Which knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.

...quotes I only know from Have Space Suit--Will Travel. Oh well.

Was up for a bit this morning, returned to bed and slept more, because Saturday and I can and FFS that's what downtime is for. Rest and relaxation, they call it.

Though I do have work to do, and I'll do it. Later. Right now, bloggeration; then something to eat.

* * *

The 15 deadly mistakes of Dr Fauci and if that doesn't sound similar to a 1930s horror movie title I'm not sure what would.

* * *

The cost of regulation. So, if you're a company that supplies meat to restaurants, you have to provide the government inspector with an office that has a private bathroom.

This is the person who is employed by the government to inspect meat, not an employee of the provider.

A perfect example of what government regulation does, and why it costs so much.

* * *

Fatass' family gets to go all overe the place while you have to stay at home, because they are important and you are not. Suck it, prole.

* * *

ObamaGate! To be told that a President could somehow simultaneously be worse than both Carter and Nixon beggars belief. And yet, apparently Obama went and did it.

* * *

Lately I've been playing this psychotic little phone game called "Hitmasters". It's a puzzle game; given a specific type of weapon you need to assassinate all the bad guys on the screen, using as few rounds as possible. There are five basic weapons, in no particular order: shotgun, gravity gun, rifle, acid, and portal gun.

Shotgun works like you'd expect: you point it at something and pull the trigger. If it's a person, he's dead. If it's an object, the round will interact with it depending on what kind of object it is and what it's made from. Gravity gun lets you pick up an object at a distance, pull it towards you, and move it around a bit, and a second tap on the object will launch it away from you. The main feature of the rifle is that its rounds will ricochet, but otherwise it works like the shotgun. Acid will destroy most of the things it touches, people and the other objects with which you can interact. The portal gun makes portals just like in the game of that name.

And of course the challenge (and fun) of the game comes from figuring out how to kill the bad guys using just the gun in your hand and the various objects around you. And--on some levels--simultaneously not killing the bad guys' hostages. I find the portal gun levels to be the most fun.

The thing is, there are a several ways to kill the bad guys. You are utterly immune to the effects of anything and the bad guys don't shoot back, and there's no time limit; you can take as much time as you like to solve a puzzle. Even better, if you fail a level, you can just restart it--no "lives", no penalty. If a level seems to have no solution, you can skip it, though you have to watch an ad to do so.

It's basically a mechanism to get people to watch ads, of course. Most of the upgrades must be first unlocked and then you have to watch an ad to get it. But I foil that by putting the device in airplane mode. Of course, if I hit a level I can't beat, I can't skip it, and I end up using the default skin for everything, but that doesn't cost you anything and it doesn't change how the game works. So occasionally I do have to take the thing out of airplane mode and then quit the game etc etc but it lets you pick up where you left off, so also not a problem.

Basically--for a game that's basically a "this is just a way to get you to watch ads" game, it's pretty nice about how it works, all told, and the game is fun.

When the people get killed, there are sound-effect words that pop up. "CRUSH DOWN!" when something falls on them. "FREE FALL!" when they fall from a great height. "HEADSHOT!" or "ACHILLES HEEL!" or several others from being shot. When taken out by explosives--mainly all I see there is "BOOM!" from the explosive but I sometimes catch something like "BIG HIT!" from those. "ACID POOL!" when dissolved by acid. And my favorite: when impaled on spikes, "SPICY!"

The other really nice thing is that it doesn't matter how you kill the bad guys as long as they're all dead (and the hostages, if any, are not). There's one gravity gun level where you need to pick up a bomb and fling it over yonder at this thing which does something else--but you have enough ammunition that you can just grab the bad guys themselves with the thing and fling them individually into the spikes (SPICY!). I like a puzzle game where as long as you solve the problem you win the level. I hate it when only a specific solution wins the level, even though you find a different solution that satisfies all the conditions for victory.

Most of the time the solution is pretty obvious. Not always. And most of those times it doesn't feel like a chore to find the solution, and it doesn't get tedious.

So, "Hitmasters"--it's psychotic, but it's fun.

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