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#7148: Things I would change about my bike if I could

1) Fuel injection

2) Instead of having to unbolt the rear turn signals to remove the seat, have it be hinged and latched.

3) Battery drops in from the top instead of sliding in sideways.

When the day comes that I buy a new motorcycle, I am not going to buy one that is not fuel injected. One of my biggest complaints about motorcycles in general is the warmup period, on choke, that you cannot avoid with carbed bikes. I said it here lo these many years ago: cars have had automatic chokes for decades and I never understood why motorcycles could not. Fuel injection sidesteps that. I'd also bet that fuel injection sidesteps all the horseshit about balancing carbs, as well.

There is not very much under the seat to which I need quick access, though with #3 it would probably be essential. Even so, having to deal with the turn signals when I am accessing anything under the seat is a royal pain in the ass. And besides the turn signals, the luggage rack also bolts on with the same bolts, which makes it an even bigger pain to deal with.

The battery slides in from the side. You attach the positive terminal, slide it most of the way in--having to shove and jiggle it to get it past the center seam of the air box--and then bolt on the negative terminal. In practice this is not a huge problem, but it's inconvenient and irritating to deal with. If it weren't for the air box getting in the way it'd probably be a lot easier.

That's how I know that the tallest possible battery which will fit is 5 5/8"--any taller than that and it simply will not fit under the air box. I've considered going in there with a Dremel and grinding a bit off the seam--it's perhaps 1/4" tall--but I don't know where the seam opens out and I don't want an air leak. I suppose I could go nuts and then slap tape on it. I don't know.

But I notice that the things I'm complaining about here are basic design issues, not ridability or style or anything like that. With the exception of the fuel delivery, these aren't things I have to deal with when I'm just riding the thing.

I can live with carbs, of course. The important part is that when I twist the throttle, it goes.

* * *

Obamagate is all about the malfeasance and not a "conspiracy theory", as much as the Democrat-media complex is desperately trying to spin it as such.

You know, it's not a "theory" if there's actually a conspiracy?

* * *

They expect us to feel sorry for them. The same people who were cheering for the COVID-19 pandemic to be as bad as possible in order to hurt Trump's re-election chances are themselves expecting us now to feel sorry for them because they are losing their jobs.

"They wonder why we hate them."
The media: "To hell with those millions non-essential peasants, they can watch Netflix and enjoy their $600 a week in government benefits."

Also the media: "355 of us were laid off, it's a disaster, the sky is falling."
I think this tweet from the prior link said it best:
Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah
Hey hey hey
Learn to code
* * *

Related: Layers and layers of fact-checking! The Miami Herald posts two contradictory news bits seven minutes apart.

* * *

Rainy day today.

Hard to believe it, but we're now in the latter half of May--and we needed to run the heater last night. I'd turned it down to 65 because I opened windows, but it got chilly yesterday so I closed them. And then, at some point, the thermostat got set back to 69 and I'm not sure which of us did it.

But it was the right thing to do.

I'm a little bit of a spendthrift when it comes to HVAC. Natural gas is cheap and I don't see the point of freezing my ass off solely becuase it's May and the heat is turned off in May, and that's the rule! To save, what, $5? If the thermometer goes below about 67 inside that's chilly and I'm well within my rights to turn the heat on. I am, after all, the one paying for it. In chilly months I habitually wear socks, sweatpants, and a short-sleeved shirt, and if I am cold in that getup then it is probably cold in here. Like my father before me, I run about 5 degrees hotter than everyone else.

With AC I am a little less flexible, because unlike natural gas, electricity is expensive. (Thanks, anti-nuclear shitheads!) Even so, I think running the AC costs something like $3-5 a day, depending on how much use it gets. Shorts and a shirt, no socks--if I'm warm in that getup and fan doesn't help, the AC goes on. I try to run the AC no lower than about 76 degrees, 77 preferred, but with circulating air that's comfortable to me.

We haven't had a day over 80 yet this year. When I think of all the times, as a kid, I sat sweltering in classrooms with no air conditioning, waiting for the end of May so school would be out--

* * *

Anyway, it's a quiet, rainy Sunday morning, and I don't see any reason to be out of bed.

Oh. 1 PM. Afternoon. Oh well.

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