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Wanting to get a couple of steaks for tomorrow, only we can't find any that are decent.

I have not seen steaks this thin since Sizzler Steakhouse went out of business. At the nearest grocery store I saw a 2-pack of porterhouse steaks cut so thin that the two of them stacked atop each other wouldn't make the porterhouse steak I had on my wife's birthday.

$26. Twenty-six dollars.

Apparently the conditions are no better at the Jewel store. But where people, yesterday, were not buying, today they are.

This whole thing has taken on an entirely new dimension of shittiness. That wouldn't bother me so much if I knew--or even thought!--that J.B. "Fatass" Pritzker couldn't get a decent steak, either, but I know that's not the case. The politicians are able to get what they want, and paying a premium for it doesn't bother them because they're all extremely rich. They're also able to go where they want, when they want, and live it up in vacation homes the rest of us can only dream of. Maybe they own them; maybe they're just guests of this-or-that ultra-rich friend.

But this shortage of beef, it's nothing but a political shortage. USDA regulations, you know, and extended lockdowns which have no basis in science but which suit the leftist agenda just fine. And of course none of the powerful leftists are going to suffer one iota, not even to the extent of experiencing minor inconvenience.

The worst thing they have to suffer is the occasional impertinent question from an uppity reporter.

* * *

The Democrats DO NOT CARE about rape and sexual assault. They care only about power.

* * *

The biggest problem with a pandemic is that people get sick and then move around. NYC is the focal point of every disease cluster in the US save New Orleans. "...nearly one-third of wealthy New Yorkers fled the city to be sick in other locations." Thanks, assholes.

* * *

"Trump Approval Rating Higher Than Four of the Last Six Presidents, Including Bush and Obama". Let's see--Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

Okay. So Ronald Reagan is one of the two whom Trump is less popular than. Who's the other? Clinton? I can't see how, but maybe. *sigh*

In any case, Trump being popular even now means that the lockdowns aren't working for their real purpose, which is to make Trump unpopular, any more than they worked for their stated purpose.

* * *

I'm still pissed off about the meat. What can I do about it, though?

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