atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7150: Okay! That's great!

So: battery arrived yesterday sometime, and I didn't notice it was on the front porch until bedtime. Brought it in and set it on the counter and let it sit there until I got home from work today.

Now: sealed battery, something about glass mat in it? I don't really know the details but I don't have to mess around with electrolyte and checking the battery so that's a huge-ass WIN in my book...and it cost me under $50 shipped.

Fits just as well as the one it replaced, too. Which is to say it's a bit of a job to install it, but once it's in, no biggie.

Anyway: checked that she'd crank, which she did (with gusto), so I dumped in half a gallon of gas, added an ounce of carb cleaner, and then added another half-gallon of gas. Put the brand-new petcock in "prime" and let that do its thing, then put on the choke and gave her another crank...and VROOM! like it had just been running yesterday.

Let 'er warm up and checked things out, then pointed her wheels at the street and took a brief ride to the end of the block and back. Didn't miss a beat. Put on my helmet, went around the block, and she still didn't miss a beat!

And you know what that means: insurance and plates, and then the next stop is the Yamaha dealership down the road to see if they're willing to do a tune-up on her. Adjust everything and get the carbs synchronized and-and-and.

I have no idea where else I could go. There's a place in Hammond, Indiana, that services Suzukis. Looks like there's a shop in Monee that might work. We'll see. I'd rather take it to a place in the Fungal Vale, of course!

Anyway: parked her in the driveway, still running, and adjusted the idle so she'd stay running without me touching the throttle. (Having had the carbs out, needing that adjustment is not at all surprising.) And again, sat there idling without missing a beat. Got it dialed in to about 1,000 RPM at idle, which will do.

After that, put her away and got the pusher out and cut the front grass. I never did get a belt for the thing, so I had to push it myself...and to make it even worse I decided to cust east-west rather than north-south, meaning more stopping, more turning, and pushing uphill on the eastbound leg.

Exercise. YES.

...and I was able to do the entire front yard, and the sides, without having to stop, and with me providing the motive power. I call that a big win, too, because it means I am not quite the flabby blob of suet I thought I was. I am woefully out of shape but I don't think I need to price mobility chairs just yet, not if I can do that job, that way, without having to stop to catch my breath.

And now? Dinner. I'm thinking hamburgers. Woot!

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