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#7154: Consistency

This article on the Democrat party's excesses in trying to take out Trump begins with the thesis that the left used to hate it when government spied on people.
Surveillance and spying on U.S. citizens? Remember liberal Senator Frank Church of Idaho and his 1975 post-Watergate select Senate investigative committee? It found the CIA, FBI, and NSA improperly over three decades had tapped into the phones of Americans, opened their mail, and worked with telecommunications companies to monitor the data of supposedly suspect politicians, actors, celebrities, and political activists. "Collusion" with the communists and the Russians was often the pretense to surveil American citizens.
Bold text mine, as that is the crucial nub of the entire quote.

At every turn the left has always decried this kind of activity when it was meant to catch communist spies. The left hated Richard Nixon with the fires of hell because he took out Alger Hiss. Declassified KGB documents prove that Senator McCarthy was right about Soviet infiltration of the United States. "Reds under our beds"--if only there'd been that few of them.

What the left hated was the use of government agencies to attempt to find and prosecute communist spies, to prevent the infiltration of communists into our country. It wasn't the surveillance that bothered them; it was against whom the surveillance was used that they didn't like.

So for the Obama administration to do this? It's not surprising. But it doesn't mean the left has done a 180 and suddenly fallen in love with spying on people.

* * *

The failure of the Edenville Dam in Michigan was not a surprise; they knew it was going to happen. I expected that there would be video, somewhere, of the thing finally bursting.

The spillway is in the background, wide-open and insufficient to the needs of the situation. And so, the lake made its own spillway.

* * *

80% lean ground beef is $6 a pound. Thanks, totally useless lockdown, extended solely for political purposes.

* * *

Noted genius Alyssa Milano posted something about wearing a mask, and the mask she was wearing had been hand-knitted and had visible holes between the stitches.

It's not about preventing the spread of disease any longer.

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