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#7160: They don't care about women

The incestuous bigamist representative from Little Somalia believes Biden's accuser but also believes Biden should be President. Here's the actual headline: "Rep. Omar Declares That She Believes Biden Is A Rapist But Should Be The Next President".

The Democrat party DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WOMEN. They do not care if a politician is a rapist, as long as he's a reliable Democrat.

That position is 100% not compatible with being pro-female. It's just not. They don't care about women. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT WOMEN.

* * *

The Babylon Bee gives up trying to satirize Biden. They're just going to quote him verbatim, rather than waste time. His own real-world quotes are weirder than anything a reasonable person could invent. Steven Den Beste said it: "Truth is often stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense."

* * *

It certainly is true that the Flynn case does not make very much sense. I guess we'll have to see what comes to light, if anything.

* * *

Why is this even a bombshell? I mean, of course the Democrats are living in fear of the economy firing up and taking off again! WTF, they can't afford to have a good economy; that's why the Democrat-media complex is working so hard to scare the shit out of everyone! They need the economy to be so far down the toilet that you can't see the toilet from where it is, that it's easier just to continue to the septic tank and climb out of there. Besides, those conditions wouldn't hurt the elites at all, and then they could institute socialism and run everyone's lives to suit them.

To get rid of Trump, the Democrats are willing to sacrifice you and your livelihood and your retirement fund and your ability to buy food if they have to. There is no sacrifice you can make they are not willing to require of you in order for them to seize power in November.

* * *

This is a hero who now lives only for boobs. WTF, Japan!

* * *

What happens when a herding dog encounters a grass-cutting robot? Well, the dog figures out how to herd the damned thing as if it were a deaf, blind, stupid sheep!

* * *

So, I started trying to find clutch rebuild kits for my bike, and found that most places, I can get the actual friction bits but not the steels that go between them. So I've decided that the first thing I'll do is pull the clutch from the spare motor, disassemble and clean, and then make with the calipers to see what shape it's in. If it's within spec, then I'll reassemble it and swap it into the bike. If not, then get the parts to rebuild it, do so, and swap it into the bike.

What a freakin' genius I am. *sigh*

Like most motorcycles, though, it's a wet clutch, which means it's soaked in oil, and has to be oiled as it's assembled. This is going to be a bit messy, regardless.

But it's not rocket science, so I have that going for me.

* * *

This is probably going to be the last week of slow days. June will probably be a very, very busy month.

Mrs. Fungus and I talked about vehicles Sunday night while we went out to Portillo's for good food; and she convinced me that it's probably a better idea to just let the Jeep go and get a newer vehicle. I resisted it as far as I could and was depressed and unhappy about it, but FFS she's right.

I am far too sentimental.

The problem is, of course, that the Jeep Cherokee suits me. Besides that, I'd wager there's a good 100k left in the engine at least (my late sister's 1994 Cherokee got sidelined at 270k, not because of a mechanical issue but because the rusted out rocker panels kept it from passing inspection). These trucks just go and GO AND GO.

It's 20 years old, it's got 205,000 on the odometer (about 120k is mine), and its rockers and floors are beginning to rust through.

Anyway, I've decided to look for the next generation Cherokee, something in the 2009-2012 range. V6 and 4WD of course. I'd like to spend under $5,000. I'll keep my 2000 Jeep long enough to make sure nothing will go wrong with the newer one, and then sell it.

But I'm not taking any precipitous action; if I keep driving the 2000 for another year, then I keep driving it. I'm still going to fix the exhaust and get the AC recharged and do some of the other fixes, but I'm not going to do any major surgery and I won't be replacing any sheetmetal.

So I can take my time. If I find the right one tomorrow, okay; if I find it in October, that's also good. Or next May. Or--

* * *

I sympathize with the neighbor, perhaps more than is reasonable. Look: you know your car has mufflers for a reason. If you can turn the volume down on the thing, you ought to know to do so when driving through a residential area.

I agree that doesn't give the neighbor the right to vandalize the car, but on the other hand I'm not sure I'd convict if I were on that jury.

It's like the phimotic ass-goblins with the super-loud subwoofers: I'm pretty sure that unless you're a complete psychopath you know you're being an asshole and you're doing it solely because you're getting off on being a dickhead, because you can, and your victims can't really do much about it. Instead of doing that, have some consideration for the people around you and DIAL IT THE FUCK DOWN. I realize that's not "cool" and it doesn't make you feel like you've got a respectable penis, but at the same time your neighbors might not regard you as a complete tool.

And it doesn't matter if it's a stereo or an exhaust system. People want peace and quiet. You know they do, and you know you're making an excess of noise, so stop being an asshole.

* * *

Man, it's already Tuesday night. The workweek is 25% complete. And now, I go to make tacos.

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