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#7167: We now know how far their professions of solidarity go.

I saw this Faceboob entry first:

Then I saw Larry Correia's post:

As long as it's not his property that's being threatened, he's all "BURN IT ALL DOWN YEAAHHHH". A black man who plays a kids' game for a living and makes millions doing it--he's 100% on the same side as "Black Lives Matter" because he's also an oppressed black man. But as soon as his neighborhood is in the crosshairs, he's all "get these animals the fuck out of my neighborhood".

Leftism is hypocrisy. The things leftists advocate, they don't want them for themselves. They want them for other people. They want other people to pay for it. They want other people to be subject to it. They want other people disarmed and censored. Not them! They want their property left alone; they want to keep their money; they want their health care to stay the same. They want to keep their right to self-defense. They want to keep their freedom of expression. But they still want other people to be censored and disarmed and taxed and crushed under the heel of leftist government.

The problem? They are "other people" to someone.

Larry Correia points out that "29 of the 30 places that had rioting last night have democrat mayors."
We went back through the last fifty years the other day and could only find one riot with a republican mayor and one with a republican police chief. There could be others we missed, but overwhelmingly democrat ruled.

So the places with racial unrest, where people are mad because of police brutality? They are and have been run by democrats the vast majority of the time, continually, often for stretches of forty years or more.

Everybody in charge of the justice system you are angry at, mayor, police chief, judges, prosecutors, the DA, etc. Overwhelmingly democrat.
And the people who are rioting are the ones who elect those Democrats, over and over and over and over again.

* * *

It all comes back, pretty much, to the question of time preference. The shorter your time preference, the closer you are to being an animal. "Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood," says one person. Well?

* * *

When I went to the parts store, I listened to the talk between the staff as I shopped. Apparently the AutoZone down the street has a sign in their door advising people just to STAY AWAY. The person managing the O'Reilly's I was at was planning to close the store early, at 6 PM. Not because there has been so much as one iota of protesting or violence around here, but because they just don't want to get caught there IF something goes down.

Precautionary. Purely precautionary. But sobering, nonetheless.

I don't expect much here. This is a bedroom community; there's one strip of businesses in the main part of town (over a quarter mile away) but otherwise it's mainly private residences. People own their own houses around here.

But a mob is not sentient, either.

* * *

Whoa, that got kind of grim, there. Let's finish on a high note.

Today was severe clear, and gorgeous--exactly as May weather ought to be, with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. The rest of the week is also forecast to be about the same.

The COVID-19 restrictions are easing up and there's a chance we might be able to go out to dinner soon. Here's hoping!

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