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#716: South Park got me again.

I watched "The List", an episode which revolves around a list--generated by the girls--which ranks the boys in the class by how good-looking they are.

Kyle is dead last on the list.

Stan tries to help him by getting Wendy to try to get his position on the list changed, and then they show a meeting of the girls "List Committee".

It's one of the most bizarre things I've seen on that show, which is saying a lot.

Bebe is the head of the committee. Here's a sample of how the meeting goes:

Bebe: Today we're going to work on list B-35, "who has the cutest purse". Does that sparkle with everyone?
other girls, in unison: Sunshine!


And so Stan, having seen this in action, uses the terminology in his own speech. Wendy goes to one of the girls' houses to see if she still has the "vote cards" from the "who's hot" list vote, and the girl gets angry and tells her "Just drop it!" and slams the door.

Stan: "I guess that didn't sparkle with her."

I just about lost it.

I like how fearless the writers of that show are. They're not afraid of putting in weird stuff without bothering to justify how or why--it just is, and they're really good at getting the audience just to accept the weirdness.

Okay, example: the Chinese guy who runs the China Wok is asked to build a wall around the town; he does. Then Mongolians show up (on horseback, no less) and try to tear down the wall. "Every time a China man build a wall, Mongorians try to tear it down! F*** you, Mongorians!" And so half of the episode is about this Chinese guy trying to defend his wall from Mongolians!

Another time the boys need to get somewhere, so they go to the City Wok because the guy also runs an airline out of the place, and Kyle talks the guy down to something like $40 for taking all of them someplace.

And Chef's Dad: "What? You give him a dolla? You can't give the Loch Ness Monsta no dolla! Now he ain't never gonna go away!"

But I have liked the show since I first saw it, because it's hilarious. I don't get to see it very often these days.

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