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#7169: Of COURSE the media howls about it!

Did you see that? Trump left the Rose Garden, walked across the street to the front steps of "the Presidents' church", which had been the site of a lot of rioting and violence, and then held up a Bible.

And the press is screaming as if you'd stepped on their testicles with the hobnail boots in which they want to stomp human faces. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! THE SECRET SERVICE GASSED PROTESTORS TO CLEAR THEM AWAY! YEEEAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!

And you know why?

BECAUSE HE MADE A FUCKING EFFECTIVE STATEMENT, that's why, and they have to minimize it.

Biden emitted some weaksauce claptrap about opening the Bible and reading what was in it, but there's just no way for the Democrats to fix this one. After days of the democrat-media complex yodeling about how Trump was "cowering in a bunker" he comes outside and walks over to a church and holds up a Bible--and the meaning could not be more clear to, or resonate better with, real Americans.

The left has to scream bloody murder about that little demonstration because it made Trump look good.

Do you think Jeb Bush would have done that?

Do you think Marco Rubio would have?

John Kasich?

Of course not. Of course not, because it would be "beneath the dignity of the office" or some such horseshit like that.

But here is a very, very interesting take on the situation.

Limbaugh said it best: when the left is not in power, that's when it goes absolutely bonkers. And the farther they are from power, I've seen over the years since I first discovered his show in 1992, the crazier they get.

That article theorizes that the riots etc are the American left's version of the "Tet Offensive" or, if you want, Battle of the Bulge: it is a last-ditch effort to get back at least some of what they've lost.

...and I will admit that the data fit that scenario rather neatly. Would that it were so, and not wishful thinking; smarter people than I need to make that determination.

What I do know is that the Trump era represents a serious danger to "business as usual". The left cannot withstand the end of that road; and so they fight.

* * *

Meanwhile, in riot-torn Chicago, the mayor and aldermen have a screaming match complete with profanities over how the situation is being handled--or not, as the case may be.
"...When I was finished, she basically said, 'Okay. Next,' and tried to move onto the next alderman without answering me. At which point, I interrupted and said, 'No. I demand an answer. I want to know what your plan is.' At which point, she said I was full of shit for saying that all she cared about was downtown and that she wasn't prepared and that there's nothing she could say intellectually that would make sense to me.'"

Lopez said he "wasn't having it." He answered profanity with profanity.

"I told her, 'Fuck you. You don't know what's going on. You need to come out from wherever you're hiding and see what's going on in the neighborhoods.' I said, 'You need to check your fucking attitude.' That's not what this is about right now. ... That just underscores and totally proves the fact that she had no plan for the neighborhoods."
That does not sound, to me, like a city government that has the faintest idea what to do about the mess in their city.

* * *

Show me just one other example of a virus that is a hybrid of virii from two different species.

I do not believe that a virus which is a combination of bat and pangolin viruses just happened to somehow mysteriously pop into existence via a process we've never seen before...and somehow, coincidentally, just happened to crop up from a location a short walk from a virology lab!

The odds against it are staggering. The chain of coincidences that would have to occur for something like this to be true make it damned near impossible. It beggars belief.

* * *

So, rode the bike to work after lunch, then took the long way home, the way with the long stretch of country road where the speed limit is 55 and the sight lines are very long. Motorcycle pulled like a locomotive all the way to 65 MPH. I could open the throttle in top gear at speed without the clutch slipping at all. Fantastic.

While riding around a bit more, I realized that I have already ridden my motorcycle, this year, more than in the two years before this one.

I'll take it! It brings a big smile to my face.

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