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#7171: BY the way

I'm glad the cops got fired and are facing charges. They need to.

This is one of those situations where there's plenty of blame to go around, too, of course. As I said, if you don't resist arrest, the police don't have to subdue you. You won't get away, so don't try; resisting arrest just makes everything worse.

If you're passing a counterfeit $20 and you don't know it's counterfeit? It's not your fault. It's inconvenient that you end up in jail but you get a public defender and you can fight it. The time to fight the charge is in court, not when the cops are arresting you.

...unless you have a whole wallet full of counterfeit bills that you know are counterfeit. If you knowingly pass funny money, I have no sympathy for you.

We're never going to know what the guy knew about the money he was trying to spend. But we do know that the cops in question used excessive force in subduing him. I've got no sympathy for them, either, but their day in court is coming. The same cannot be said for their victim.

* * *

So, over the past few weeks I've been playing this silly game called "Castle Wreck". It's pretty simple: there's a castle, you have a cannon, and you try to knock the castle down.

Aiming takes two taps. The gun swings back and forth along the X axis, and you tap to select your X coordinate; then it swings up and down on the Y axis and you tap again to select Y. The cannon fires and, if you aimed correctly, the cannonball hits a castle wall and causes destruction.

A hyperbolic amount of it.

I haven't counted but there are something like two dozen castle designs. They don't change and the game does not appear to get any more difficult as you play. It's basically a way to get people to look at ads and I don't think the creators really expected many people to play it too far. But of course if you put the device into airplane mode it then skips the ads and you can play levels bang-bang-bang. The castles all have bundles of dynamite stashed around them, and if you hit dynamite (either with a cannonball or falling bricks) it blows up.

Anyway, the people who built these castles have apparently never heard of mortar, because I've knocked down entire castles with one cannonball!

There's one castle in particular--a tall tower--which, if you hit it at all, anywhere, collapses and blows up. The instant you hit it, somewhere near the top a bundle of dynamite blows up, and the whole thing comes down in a heap. Even a glancing shot. You know, in the real world, if you hit a stone wall at an oblique angle with a cannonball, it'll just bounce off at some small angle to its original trajectory. Here, the instant a cannonball touches stone, all of its momentum is transferred to the structure.

Sometimes I'll hit the castle wall, over here, and then wayyyyy over there the dynamite at the top of the tower will blow up!

There are guards in the castles who pop up emoticons to show you how they feel, and they pop up a little ghost or skull icon when they get killed. Sometimes they get blown away from the castle. YEET!

It's very silly but I have trouble putting it down.

* * *

Hot weather yesterday; a bit cooler today but humid. Heat expected for the rest of the week.

Need to get the Jeep's AC recharged, soon. Do that, and set up the pool, and we'll have 60° days for the rest of the summer. *sigh*

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